Find out which flexible pouch packaging suits you.

We produce two styles of flexible pouches. The lay-flat pouch is a space-efficient choice for those wanting less material and easy storage. While it can be used for many different products, this type of plastic pouch packaging works particularly well for single-serve applications. In comparison, the stand-up pouch has an added gusset at the bottom allowing the pouch bag to stand on its own while holding a larger volume or bulkier items. This also helps give it an eye-catching presence on retail shelves. To either kind of pouch pack, zippers can be inserted, making them resealable, and punch holes can be added for hanging in retail stores.

Black stand-up flexible pouch packaging with red label printed by The Packaging Lab for the food industry

Our custom-printed, stand-up pouches hold a larger capacity and make an attention-grabbing display.
Lay flat pouch with green label, printed by The Packaging Lab

Our custom-printed, lay-flat pouches are lightweight and will hold small or flat items with ease.