Why Should Businesses Choose The Packaging Lab for Custom Beef Jerky Packaging?

10 May 2023

Are you looking for custom beef jerky packaging, but you aren’t sure which company to choose? All of our materials are food-safe and high-barrier. We also offer pouch sizes that are industry-standard in the jerky industry, so you’re going to find one that’s going to be perfect for your product. In this blog post, we’ll elaborate on the benefits of why The Packaging Lab is the perfect choice for your beef jerky packaging needs. 

We Offer Many Sizes for Custom Beef Jerky Packaging 

We make life easier for businesses by providing a wide range of sizes. Our stand-up pouches are a great example. They come in sizes as small as 3.25 x 4.75 x 2.0 inches, perfect for smaller quantities, and as large as 12.0 x 12.5 x 3.5 inches, ideal for bulk selling. 

What Size Should I Pick?

Unsure which size you need? We have a free sample pack so that you can see all our pouch sizes in person before making a decision. With The Packaging Lab, you can enjoy the flexibility and convenience of having options to choose from, making your beef jerky-selling experience hassle-free.

We Have Food-Safe Packaging 

Not all packaging is food-safe. Even a simple grocery bag can have harmful contaminants that can leach into food. According to the USDA, “Levels of components such as metal fragments, glue and chemicals may be present at higher-than-acceptable limits and can migrate into the food.” 

Food-safe packaging doesn’t contain harmful contaminants, so it won’t affect the taste, color, or edibility of your beef jerky in any way. At The Packaging Lab, all our packaging is food-safe. 

Our Packaging Is High-Barrier 

High-barrier packaging is highly effective at blocking out environmental factors that can affect the quality of your beef jerky. Here are a few things it can protect from: 


Like most foods, light can speed up the decomposition process for beef jerky. Our white and metallic film can block out light to keep it fresher for longer. 


Beef jerky that is properly dried will not typically have condensation around it. If the packaging isn’t high-barrier, though, it won’t provide enough protection from moisture. As moisture seeps into the packaging, it can lead to mold growth, making your customers sick. 


When customers buy beef jerky, they’re expecting a strong savory flavor. Imagine having them bite into it only for it to be hard, stale, or worse — rancid. Air exposure can deteriorate beef jerky more quickly. Our pouches can block out most air particles so your customers get the delicious taste they were expecting. 

There Are Many Customization Options Available 

At The Packaging Lab, we want to make sure that any packaging your order from us meets your needs and specifications. For aesthetics, we offer matte and glossy finishes. Different finishes can drastically change the aesthetics of the packaging, with matte finishes providing a clean, luxurious look and glossy finishes standing out due to their reflective properties. You can also choose from white, clear, or metallic film to change the look of your packaging both inside and out. 

We also offer optional practical features like zippers, which makes your packages reclosable so customers can enjoy multiple servings of your product at the same level of freshness. 

Contact The Packaging Lab Today for Custom Beef Jerky Packaging 

At The Packaging Lab, we understand the importance of keeping your beef jerky fresh and your customers safe. Our high-barrier and food-safe packaging can help you do just that. We also offer a range of size options and a streamlined ordering process to make it easy to find the perfect packaging. Additionally, we offer many customization options so your packaging is exactly the way you want it. Your business is our top priority, and we are committed to providing exceptional packaging solutions for your beef jerky. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.