How Can The Packaging Lab Assist with Designing Packaging Bags?

13 June 2023

If you need packaging but aren’t sure where to start on the aesthetics, you may want our help with designing packaging bags. We don’t just manufacture packages here — we have an in-house design team that’s dedicated to your success. In this blog post, we’ll give more details on our design services and how they can assist you. 

Our Design-For-Me Service 

At The Packaging Lab, we have a Design for Me service that you can order through our website. Our design department is here to help you create a professional-looking design. We understand the importance of packaging for your marketing efforts. Our designs will fit your brand perfectly and look attractive on store shelves. 

How Our Design Process Works 

When you place your order for our services online, we will contact you. You’ll need to fill out a quick two-page questionnaire and have a 30-minute phone consultation with us. This way, we’ll know exactly what you’re looking for in the design. We’ll also ask you to send any assets you want to include, such as your logo, nutritional facts, text, and so on. 

Based on all of this information, we’ll create three different designs for you to choose from. Once you find one you like, we’ll set them up for printing. You’re then free to use the design to place an order for our pouches. Simply navigate to one of our product pages and click “Upload File Here.” When you attach it, you’ll be able to add the pouches to your cart and check out. 

What If I Need to Revise My Design?

One frequently asked question related to our design service is, “What about revisions?” If you’re wondering the same, there’s no need to worry — before creating the print-ready file, we always send the designs to you for review. We then give you a chance to provide a round of feedback and edits. 

Who Our Design Service Is Ideal For 

Our design service helps those that don’t have access to a designer. We’re a great choice if you: 

  • Need something quick for a presentation at a big company that you’re hoping for national distribution through
  • Are a small business or startup without a design department 
  • Are trying to rebrand your packaging designs, but aren’t sure where to start 
  • Aren’t sure what design to use for a test marketing campaign 

No matter what you need our design services for, you can trust you’ll get a design that looks professional and designed by a designer. 

What Products We Create Designs For

Our design service can be used with all of our products: rollstock film, stand-up pouches, and lay-flat pouches. If you’re creating the design on your own, you’ll typically need to consult our dielines first to ensure that it will print properly. However, when we send you the print-ready file, it’ll be designed specifically for the product you specified. If you wanted us to create a design for one of our clear film stand-up pouches (the ones with a window in the front), there’s no further editing required. We take all the guesswork out of creating the perfect package design. 

Cost of Designing Packaging Bags

We price our design services as a flat-rate of $250 for all our products. There are no hidden charges — everything mentioned above from the questionnaire and consultation to the final print-ready file is all included. 

Need Help Designing Packaging Bags? Contact The Packaging Lab Today

If you need a professional design for your packaging, look no further with The Packaging Lab. Our experienced design team knows how to create designs that are unique to your brand and entice prospective customers to purchase from you. With our simple flat-rate pricing and straightforward process, we make getting a design for your brand easier than ever. Contact us today if you need help designing packaging bags.