What Types of Packaging Film Are Available at The Packaging Lab?

10 July 2023

Beyond pouches, you can order many types of packaging film from us. We have a wide variety of materials, orientations, gauges, and dimensions available. Whether you have a stick pack machine, form fill seal machine, flow wrapper, or even your own pouch machine, you’re going to find roll-stock film that works for you at The Packaging Lab. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types of packaging film available for purchase. 

Types of Packaging Film Materials

We offer two main types of packaging film materials: EVOH film and metalized polyester. Here is a rundown of both:


EVOH film, or ethylene vinyl alcohol, comes in clear and white. The white film is one of our most popular choices since colors show up vibrantly on it. Clear film is great for designs that have transparent parts in them. If you’re making a pouch with a window, for example, the clear film is perfect for that. 

Metalized Polyester 

Metalized polyester film is what gives most pouches a shiny, silvery appearance inside. It’s made with a thin layer of aluminum on top of polyester film. Aluminum has many natural barrier properties. When it’s incorporated into polyester film, it can block out most air, light, and moisture. Thus, it can prevent your products from going stale or mold from growing inside the packaging. 

Unsure Which One to Pick?

Both EVOH and metalized polyester are excellent choices since they are high-barrier and food-safe. That being said, it can be difficult to choose which one is best for your specific application. If this is the case for you, we recommend ordering one of our free sample packs. Our free sample packs are for pouches, but they show all the same film materials as a final packaging product. We also offer more information on our Help Me Decide page. 

Adjustable Roll Width and Repeat Length 

At The Packaging Lab, we give you options for the roll width and repeat length. The roll width is how tall the roll is. Meanwhile, the repeat length refers to the width of your uploaded design, from the edge of the film to where the design repeats. 

For the roll width, we can make it between three and 29 inches, and for the repeat length, we can make it between three and 44 inches. We offer ¼” incremental sizes as well, so if you need film with a roll width of 5.25 inches and a repeat length of 3.75 inches, we can make it for you. 

Thin, Medium, and Thick Gauge

We offer three different gauges of film: thin, medium, and thick. Which one should you choose? Thinner film costs less than thicker film, but thicker film is more durable. You’ll need to choose based on the machine you have and the thickness of film it accepts. Which one you choose also depends on the weight of the product, since thin film may break if the product is too heavy. 

Four Unwind Orientations 

The unwind orientation refers to the orientation of your design on the film. There are four available: top first, bottom first, right first, and left first. Typically, your choice here will depend on the specifications of the packaging machine. Some machines operate vertically while others operate horizontally, so the film will feed in different ways.


Learn More About Types of Packaging Film By Contacting Us Today 

From the material to the unwind orientation, we make sure you have plenty of options to fit your needs. Our roll-stock film works well for many types of machinery, whether you’re making stick packs or your own pouches. If you’d like to learn more about the types of packaging film we have on offer, feel free to contact us today