What Is Rollstock Film? Can I Order Rollstock Film and Make My Own Pouches?

06 March 2024

In the world of packaging and product presentation, rollstock film plays a pivotal role. This versatile material is frequently discussed among businesses seeking efficient packaging solutions. The question arises: What exactly is rollstock film, and is it possible to use it for crafting your own pouches? In this article, we'll explore these queries, offering insights and practical advice.

What Is Rollstock Film?

Rollstock film is a term used in the industry to describe a continuous roll of flexible packaging film. It's designed to be used with automated packaging machinery, making it a popular choice for businesses looking to efficiently package products in bulk.

The Process of Printing on Rollstock Film

The process of printing on rollstock film involves creating a continuous print pattern, where designs are printed one after another. This setup is particularly tailored for pouch machines, which require the film to be laid out in a specific pattern and format.

Can You Make Your Own Pouches with Rollstock Film?

The Complexity of Pouch Making

While technically possible, creating pouches from rollstock film without proper machinery is not advisable. The process is complex and requires specific equipment. The film is usually designed to run on specialized pouch machines, which arrange and seal the film in precise patterns and configurations.

Why Ordering Pre-Made Pouches Is More Feasible

For most businesses, especially those without access to advanced packaging machinery, ordering pre-made pouches is a more practical option. This approach not only saves time but also ensures that the packaging meets the necessary quality and durability standards.

The Role of Automated Equipment in Using Rollstock Film

Designed for Machines

Rollstock film is specifically meant for use with automated equipment. These machines are capable of handling the film efficiently, wrapping, and sealing it in various patterns, depending on the requirements of the product being packaged.

The Necessity of Proper Equipment

Using rollstock film effectively requires either owning the right machinery or partnering with a contract packager who does. This ensures that the film is utilized in the way it's intended, leading to optimal packaging results.

Examples and Practical Uses

Case Studies of Rollstock Film in Action

A practical example of rollstock film usage is seen in various products wrapped in a continuous pattern, sealed at the back, forming a secure and aesthetically pleasing package. This method is widely used across different industries for various products, showcasing the versatility of rollstock film.


In summary, while the idea of using rollstock film to create your own pouches is intriguing, it's important to understand the limitations and requirements of such an endeavor. For most, relying on professionally made pouches remains the most practical and efficient approach to packaging. If you have questions or need guidance on rollstock film and its applications, feel free to contact The Packaging Lab today for more information.

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