When Will I Receive My Pouches? How Long Does Pouch Shipping Take?

13 March 2024

The excitement of awaiting an online order is a common experience, especially for bespoke products like printed pouches. Knowing the expected timeline from when your order is processed to when it arrives at your doorstep is vital. This blog post explores the nuances of pouch shipping schedules, providing insights into when your order is likely to reach you.

Understanding Standard Production Turnaround Time

The journey of your custom pouches begins the moment you submit your print file. It's essential to note that the standard production turnaround time is five business days. This period excludes weekends and holidays, and the daily cutoff time is crucial. Submissions made before 3:00 PM Central Time are processed on the same day. This means if your print file is ready and submitted before this cutoff, the production of your stand-up or lay-flat custom pouches will commence promptly.

Factors Affecting Production Time

The standard timeline of five business days for production is a guideline that assumes everything goes smoothly with your print file. Delays can occur if there are issues with the file or if submissions are made after the daily cutoff time. Therefore, it’s advisable to prepare and submit your print files well in advance of your desired delivery date.

Shipping: The Journey From Facility to Your Doorstep

Standard Shipping Transit Time

Once your pouches have been produced, they embark on their journey to you. The standard shipping option included with your order is FedEx Ground. The transit time for FedEx Ground shipping varies based on your location in the contiguous United States, generally taking anywhere from one to four days.

The Role of Geographical Location

Being based in Minneapolis influences the shipping duration. The proximity of your location to Minneapolis can significantly impact the time it takes for your pouches to reach you. Customers closer to this region can expect quicker delivery times, while those farther away should anticipate closer to the four-day mark.

Upgraded Shipping Options: Faster Delivery

Expedited Shipping for Urgent Needs

For those who need their pouches sooner, there are options to expedite the shipping process. You can choose from three-day, second-day, or even overnight shipping at an additional cost. These upgraded shipping options are available during checkout, allowing you to tailor the delivery time to your specific needs.

Balancing Cost and Convenience

While expedited shipping can be a great solution for urgent orders, it’s important to balance the additional cost against the convenience of faster delivery. Assess your needs carefully to determine whether standard or expedited shipping is the right choice for you.


The delivery timeline for your custom pouches depends on several key factors: the prompt submission of your print file before 3:00 PM Central Time, adherence to the five-business-day production schedule, and the shipping option you select. Your location's proximity to Minneapolis also plays a role. By taking these elements into account, you can efficiently plan and form realistic expectations for your order's arrival. For any queries or assistance, feel free to contact The Packaging Lab today, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience as you await your custom pouches.

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