Can I Include a Pouch Window? How Should I Indicate Where the Window Should Be?

27 March 2024

In the world of packaging, the incorporation of a transparent area or window in a pouch is a creative way to showcase your product while keeping it protected. This technique not only enhances the visual appeal of the package but also allows customers to view the contents without opening the pouch. The process of including a window on a pouch is largely determined by the design and setup of the artwork file.

Understanding Artwork File Setup for Window Placement

To create a pouch with a transparent area, the first step is setting up the artwork file on a designated template. This template is crucial as it guides the placement and shape of the transparent area. The artwork file should clearly indicate the area where the window is desired, using specific patterns and annotations.

Designing with Precision: Setting Up Your Template

Inside the template, you will find a pattern with text annotations, which are essential for indicating the desired shape of the transparent area. It's important to note that the flexibility of design is quite broad; you can choose almost any shape for your window, as long as it is clearly set up in the artwork file.

Crafting the Perfect Window Design

Customizing the Shape of Your Window

For instance, if you want a paw-shaped window on your pouch, this shape should be distinctly marked in the artwork file. This can be done using a magenta pattern and accompanying text, which signals to the production team exactly where and what shape the window should be.

Finalizing the Artwork File

Once the design is finalized, the artwork file should display the window area as a knockout shape, typically highlighted in magenta. This knockout area is where the transparent material will be applied during the manufacturing process.

The Manufacturing Process: Bringing Your Design to Life

Translating Artwork into a Physical Pouch

After finalizing your artwork file, with the transparent area clearly marked, the file goes into production. Here, the indicated shape - in our example, a paw - has a lack of ink/printing in the predetermined area on the clear film. This process ensures that your final product accurately reflects your original design.

Quality and Precision in Production

The manufacturing team pays close attention to the details in your artwork file to ensure that the transparent area is created with precision. This meticulous process is key to producing a stand-up or lay-flat custom pouch that not only looks great but also functions well.


Incorporating a transparent window in your pouch packaging is a fantastic way to add an element of sophistication and functionality to your product presentation. By carefully setting up your artwork file and working closely with the graphics team, you can achieve a packaging design that perfectly showcases your product while maintaining its quality and integrity. Remember, the key to a successful pouch with a transparent area lies in the details of your design and the clarity of your instructions in the artwork file. If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact The Packaging Lab today. Our team is here to help you with your packaging needs.

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