Lay-Flat Pouches vs. Stand-Up Pouches | The Packaging Lab

03 December 2019

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If you are new to flexible packaging, it’s important to understand the differences between lay-flat pouches and stand-up pouches before deciding which one is right for your product. In essence, stand-up pouches include a gusset at the bottom so your product will stand up on a retailer’s shelf. Lay-flat pouches, on the other hand, do not include the bottom gusset and, as the name suggests, are designed to lay flat. In this blog, we will walk you through the differences and advantages of each one.

Product Types

Lay-flat pouches are often perfect for products that are slim, and they can neatly fit inside a tray or box. They can be intended for single-use or, with the addition of a zipper closure, they can be re-used multiple times. They are the most economical of

pouch formats. Due to its extended internal space, stand-up pouches are typically used for products that are bulkier and for larger quantities. Like lay-flat pouches, they can be resealed with the addition of a zipper. Although they are often preferred over lay-flat pouches because of convenience to consumers, your product and purpose will determine which one is more applicable for you.


Lay-flat pouches, also known as a flat pouch or bag, and stand-up pouches can have the same visual impact as other types of packaging but at a fraction of the cost. Stand-up pouches have slightly bigger surface area, due to the gusset, and, as they

stand upright on retailers’ shelves, they allow loyal fans and potential customers to quickly see the design as they walk down store aisles. Lay-flat pouches have a design that is repeated on every product which reinforces the brand and are sometimes added

to trays or cartons for display purposes. Both types of pouches can include a hang hole for displaying on a retailer’s pegs or hooks.


Both pouch types are offered in a range of sizes. With lay-flat pouches, you can choose a size and shape that fits tightly to your product, avoiding packaging waste. Stand-up pouches with the added gusset on the bottom come in a variety of sizes and can allow room for your product to fit comfortably inside.

We can Help

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