Time Is Money

04 September 2019

A machine running at The Packaging Lab

In the packaging industry, lengthy design and quote processes, long turnaround times, and large minimum quantities have affected the production of custom packaging, leaving customers frustrated by the process. By looking at how flexible packaging had been produced in the past, The Packaging Lab has been able to create a new way of handling orders from concept to delivery. By removing the stumbling blocks that have traditionally delayed an order, you can have your lay-flat pouches, stand-up pouches, and packaging film in your hands when you need it. This reduces your upfront costs and helps you get your products to market faster which brings in money more quickly.

Benefits of Short-Run Printing

With traditional printing companies, small businesses or startups had no choice but to commit to a large order that would sit on their shelves for months. By giving you the option of a short print run with no minimum order, you can be more creative with your package design and respond to trends in the market more easily. You can test new products or create special seasonal packaging.

How The Packaging Lab Can Help

We have streamlined the order process so that you can simply choose your options and upload your PDF design. Plus, if you don’t have your own designer, let ours quickly turn your ideas into finished custom packaging. Once your order is placed, we reduce the printing process from weeks to days, saving you more in overhead costs. You will get the right quantity of custom bags and packaging film into your hands without the long delay of traditional printers. This lets You get your products to those who need it most–your customers. Ready to get started? Order one of our free samples today! Back to Blog.