Why Resealable Packaging Is a Must Have for Pet Foods

18 May 2020

Resealable flexible packaging continues to rise in popularity for both pet food and perishable food companies as it brings many benefits for both manufacturers and consumers. When purchasing products, consumers look for unique elements in both design and features that meet their needs or interests as well as quality. Pet food and other perishable food items need to be kept fresh for long periods of time as a majority of these products don’t get consumed in one sitting. Resealable packaging provides consumers with the capability to utilize only what they need each time, resulting in financial gains for both parties as consumers won’t have to purchase items as frequently and are willing to spend more on products that incorporate resealable features. Along with these, there are many more benefits regarding resealable flexible packaging that can be explored below.

The Convenience of Resealable Designs

The consumer market today is continually looking for products that cater to their every need both within the product itself and the packaging it comes in. Incorporating resealable functions such as press-to-close and slider closures to zippers show your target audience that you care about the quality of your product and that it will remain fresh after purchase. Zippers help give consumers the assurance of a secure seal every time they open and close your product. Those with decreased dexterity such as youth or the elderly have found convenience in resealable packaging as these sealing designs are easy to control with one fluid motion. Additionally, because of their simplicity for children, child-resistant models are being introduced into the market, so regulated products remain out of reach for children.

If manufacturers are looking for a way to build consumer engagement continually, resealable packaging is an excellent solution as the consumer is more likely to keep the packaging if it has resealable functions rather than transferring the product to a different container. Overall, resealable packaging is very convenient for both the consumer and manufacturer as it showcases the brand for an extended period and extends product freshness, which is very important when it comes to perishable items such as pet food.

Functionality and Sustainability

There are many different designs when it comes to resealable packaging, but the consumer also looks at the overall package design as well. Here at The Packaging Lab, we offer customers two designs of flexible packaging for pet food; the stand-up pouch and the lay-flat pouch. The Stand-Up Pouch is great for items of larger capacity, and because of the more robust appearance, consumers tend to be drawn to the product when shelved. The Lay-Flat Pouch is an excellent candidate for a product that can easily lay flat and are lightweight such as single-serve items. Consumers turn to this style of flexible packaging if they’re limited in space and require a storage-friendly design. Below are a few examples of resealable functions that are incorporated into flexible packaging today:

  • Audible
  • Tactile
  • Pocket-Zip
  • Easy-Tear
  • Push-to-Close
  • Slider

Consumers that are looking for an environmentally friendly packaging design are also drawn to resealable packaging as this design allows for the original packaging to be used for a product’s entire lifecycle. Not only does this showcase the brand as previously mentioned, but it also eliminates the need for any additional containers, in turn, reducing material use and cost for both parties. Many of the resealable materials utilized in the design are eligible for recycling, which helps improve sustainability efforts. This style of packaging also reduces greenhouse gas emissions due to its lightweight and compactible consistency.

Communicating Value

Manufacturers should be sure to showcase the features of their flexible packaging design as this communicates the value and quality to the consumer. When it comes to purchasing pet foods and treats, products that translate freshness and convenience in their packaging draw the consumer in resulting in continued growth in a highly competitive market. Transparency is incredibly vital, as today’s pet food customers look for high-quality products containing only high-quality ingredients. It’s encouraged to display information about nutritional facts, ingredients, and materials used to create your product clearly. Since customers can have a 360-degree view of the entire package, manufacturers have the flexibility to create unique and eye-catching designs that incorporate all information the consumer is looking for. Resealable packaging also prevents contents from spilling during opening and transporting. Additionally, resealable packaging also encourages portion control for pets as the consumer isn’t afraid of the product spoiling.

Over time, incorporating resealable functions in flexible packaging has grown in importance and is now one of the leading features. Many consumers look for these functions as it provides them with the reassurance that the product they’ve shown is valued by the manufacturer and, in turn, a high-quality product for their pet. According to Flexible Packaging Magazine, consumers are willing to pay 14% more for a product that has resealable features.

Extended Shelf-Life

Consumers often feel purchases are much more worthwhile when their product is kept fresh, and resealable packaging efficiently preserves pet food as well as extends its shelf life. Pet food contains fats and minerals that are susceptible to oxidation, which can lead to undesirable flavors and low-quality food for your pet. Resealable packaging offers an easy-to-close method that will reduce exposure to oxygen and decreases the chances of the pet food spoiling. There are a variety of high-barrier films available at The Packaging Lab that manufacturers can choose from to help prevent oxidation, maintain product freshness, and protect the product from any moisture damage.

  • Thick Gauge Clear
  • Thick Gauge White
  • Medium Gauge Clear
  • Medium Gauge White
  • Medium Gauge Metalized
  • Thin Gauge Clear

Flexible packaging has also started to incorporate micro-scoring, so consumers are able to smell their pet food products right away and push any unwanted air out. This allows for a connection to be made between the manufacturer and consumer immediately as the quality and freshness of the product are readily available, in turn, building a trusting relationship. Additionally, the high barrier films utilized are typically puncture-resistant and have features incorporated to prevent the packaging from ripping down the sides when opening.

Quality and Safety

Due to the structure of resealable packaging, pet food, and many other perishable products receive extra protection which saves expenses for both the manufacturer and the consumer. The sealing incorporated into flexible packaging prevents prolonged air exposure and protects against dust, wear and tear, and dirt. All these obstacles can cause a product to lose its flavor, scent, nutrients, and ultimately end in damage or spoiling. Designing packaging that safeguards the quality of your product is critical to overall success as it shows you’re invested and care what is released into the consumer market. A quality package design with resealable packaging increases the satisfaction of the customer and improves brand loyalty in the long run. Manufacturers also have the opportunity to incorporate a fashionable design to portray the quality of their product. More common than not, a customer is more likely to choose your product if the packaging is appealing and fitting to their needs.

While flexible packaging with resealable features is already known to preserve food well and increase the shelf life of perishable products, there is another category benefitting from this design. Proper food preservation and increased shelf life positively influence the safety of the products that are consumed by customers. The durable structural design of the packaging also prevents the product from getting damaged during the shipping process, and the exterior of the packaging, including the design, is less likely to be destroyed. Safety is a point of focus as children and pets have the capability of getting into products should they not be packaged appropriately or contained. Many designs of resealable flexible packaging include features to prevent children from opening and consuming products that could hurt them. These elements have appeared in various forms, some of which being pressure-point sliding releases and multi-point tabbed closures.

Make the Transition to Resealable Flexible Packaging

Overall, resealable flexible packaging for pet food and other perishable items has proven to surface many benefits for both the manufacturer and the consumer. Companies that incorporate resealable features into their packaging translate that they’ve invested in their product and that they want to release a product into the consumer market that is of high quality and freshness. Resealable flexible packaging has also been proven to be more functional for both parties as storage and shipping is of lower cost.

Along with this, the sustainable functions of resealable flexible packaging are immensely appealing to the consumer market as the packaging can be reused for the life of the product, and a majority of the materials are recyclable. Many consumers are willing to pay more for a product if it has resealable features as the world today is gaining more interest in environmentally friendly options. Ultimately, transitioning to flexible packaging for pet food or other perishable items is a move that will benefit companies and consumers alike.

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