Packaging is a First Impression That You Can’t Ignore

04 June 2020

Many elements go into creating a successful packaging design for your products. With competition continuing to grow in all industries, it's incredibly important to make a positive first impression with the consumer market as this will help you gain traction and grow your brand's identity. Creating a package design that will leave a lasting first impression will be beneficial in many ways, from attracting buyers and establishing differentiation from competitors to building a connection with customers and further promoting. First impressions matter in product packaging just as they do in regular day to day life, and it's an element all companies should implement into their designs.


Display and Promote Your Product

The designs of product packaging today help promote and display the product within which is a detail many individuals of the consumer market look for. Some products have descriptions of ingredients and nutritional value, others have instructions on how to set up and use the product, and some simply let the product speak for itself. Including any vital information and establishing transparency helps manage the expectations of consumers and promotes customer satisfaction. Creating a packaging design that correctly displays and promotes your product will help leave a positive first impression for customers interested in your product. Today's consumer market is drawn to transparent packaging and the truth behind the product; product packaging dramatically influences a customer's first impression of your product.

Attract More Customers

The importance of product packaging comes hand in hand with becoming familiar with the consumer's wants and needs. Ultimately, companies have an end goal of attracting customers and encouraging them to buy your product. The packaging design for your product has a substantial impact on the success, and creating a unique design can go a long way. Incorporating styles and colors that draw the consumer to your product and differentiates from the competition will help grow your brand and gain further traction in the consumer market. It's also recommended to incorporate high-quality packaging materials as this actively portrays that you care about and invest in your product. Ultimately, product packaging is a direct reflection of the product inside and of your company in the big picture. Product packaging must be attractive and compelling to draw customers in, thus making them return to your product every time.

Be Different From Competition

Many products are available on the market today, and products will continue to be released every day. Many retailers place similar products on shelves together, so making a great first impression is extremely important. Packaging that is designed with the consumer in mind and designed well will attract more buyers to your product. While many companies use similar sizes and shapes, such as a lay-flat pouch or stand-up pouch, you can help make a lasting impression on your customers by creating a design that helps set you apart from similar companies and products.

  • Unique Graphics and Colors: Creating an exciting design on your own or working with a packaging company's graphic design team will help your product stand out compared to competitors. The consumer market looks for eye-catching designs and elements because it makes them eager to purchase your product. Share the story of your brand, company, and mission through your packaging to establish a lasting first impression.

  • Showcase Reusability and Convenience: The consumer market looks for packaging that has resealable functions as it promotes reusability and is convenient for the customer. Identifying ways in which you can incorporate resealable features into your packaging will encourage conservation and allow your customers to use your product for an extended period of time.

  • Eco-Friendly and Low Waste: Sustainability and environmentally friendly products and packaging are continuing to rise in popularity. Many consumers look for these elements when deciding to purchase products. If your packaging is designed with these two elements in mind, you will likely form a deeper connection with customers because they'll know the environment and recycling is at the forefront.

Cultivate a Connection

Surprisingly, the importance of product packaging is often forgotten and brushed aside when considering the buying experience and how important a first impression is. Creating an appealing packaging design enhances the customer experience from the get-go and gives interested customers an idea of what your products and business are about. It's important to consider product packaging as a tool or a way to establish a connection with potential buyers and further build your brand's identity. Try to incorporate unique elements that cater to the customer's interests and expectations, such as an exciting unpackaging process or connections to popular worldwide movements.

Product Protection

Many in the consumer market today decide to purchase your product by how well the packaging protects the product. Your product packaging design must be strong enough to keep the product safe during shipment and on the shelf at the retailer. Customers that purchase your product expect its functionality and purpose to remain intact regardless of transport conditions or other common obstacles. It's recommended to create a product packaging design that is durable, reliable, and secure. There are many different sealing and locking features available on the market today that can prevent tampering and further guarantee the safety and integrity of your product.

  • Screw Caps
  • Adhesive Strips
  • Zippers
  • Seals

Tweak Your Design to Leave a Lasting First Impression

Crafting unique packaging designs for your products is incredibly important as it helps make a lasting and impactful first impression with potential buyers. New products from every industry are continually released on a daily basis, and focusing on your packaging design will help you stand out above the competition. The consumer market actively looks for products that showcase the company is invested and cares about customers and the world around them. Creating a design with the idea of leaving an impression at the forefront of your mind will provide your company with many benefits from powerful customer connections and promotion to enhanced product protection and attracting a broader audience. If you're ready to begin tweaking your packaging design, start thinking of ways to make a lasting first impression with your target audience.