Why Sports Nutrition Companies Prefer Package Pouches

Health and fitness have always placed high on the interest list of the consumer market. Still, as our society continues to transform and health concerns are on the rise, many choose to take the leap to a healthier lifestyle. Besides incorporating a form of exercise into a daily routine, nutritional supplements are also on the rise. Today’s consumer market is continuously looking for fast, easy ways to tweak their diets and provide their bodies with more nutrition, whether through adding more protein or taking vitamins. As these items continue to rise in popularity, sports nutrition companies are faced with the challenge of designing effective packaging for their products that not only keeps the contents fresh but guarantees a buyer will be satisfied.

Optimizing the Design

If you visit a retail store, you’ll notice more and more sports nutrition companies are utilizing pouches for their packaging rather than your standard plastic bottle that was once popular. Here at The Packaging Lab, we offer two customizable types of pouches, stand-up, and lay-flat. When consumers purchase a nutritional supplement, they expect their product to be fresh upon purchase and stay fresh for its projected life. Pouches provide endless benefits for not only the consumer but also for manufacturers and retailers. Below are a few noteworthy advantages of flexible pouch packaging:

  • Takes up less shelf space at the retailer

  • More compactable during shipping

  • Long shelf life

  • Industry-leading sealing properties

  • Dry environment for product

  • Protects the product from humidity and light

  • Helps maintain optimal potency

Details You Can’t Ignore

Besides the ability of flexible pouch packaging to guarantee the freshness of your product for your sake and potential buyers, many designs allow for the addition of advanced features such as sealing technology, anti-tampering, and childproof features. Many in the consumer market look for these features when purchasing nutritional supplements because the items should be inaccessible for children and pets. Additionally, when purchasing a product, you want to be sure that it hasn’t been tampered with and has stayed in optimal condition after leaving the manufacturer. Incorporating these features into your flexible pouch packaging design not only helps consumers engage with your brand but also lets you stand out above the competition and lets your customers know you’re fully invested in your product.

  • Audible

  • Tactile

  • Pocket-Zip

  • Easy-Tear

  • Push-to-Close

  • Slider

Consumer and Retailer Convenience

Pouches have a lot of design versatility, meaning you can create and deliver a product that has a strong shelf presence. This flexible packaging design allows for maximum shelf space both for the retailer and the consumer’s home. Since so many pouches can fit on a retail shelf, manufacturers won’t have to worry about restocking retail locations as frequently. Pouches are also resilient when it comes to shipping and handling because the materials used in the design are durable, meaning damage is less likely to occur.

Due to the lightweight consistency and resealable features of flexible pouch packaging, consumers can travel easily with these products to the gym, work, or school. Many manufacturers design different sizes of each product, such as single-serve for consumers with busy lifestyles and multiple-serving for using the product at home. The consumer market is drawn to products that cater to on-the-go lifestyles and allow for easy transportation. This packaging design also allows for easy, comfortable handling throughout their shopping journey, which is a plus if they have a lot of items on their list.

Online Sales Meet Sustainable Design

Purchasing nutritional products online is continuing to grow in popularity because of the convenience of shopping in your own home. The consumer market expects products to appear in the same quality online as they do on the shelves at a retail store, meaning this should be at the top of your mind when creating your packaging design. Flexible pouch packaging offers various design options, so your products can stand out from the competitor’s. When creating your packaging design, it’s essential to create a display that will catch the consumer’s eye and share necessary information about your product. The Packaging Lab offers outstanding graphic design services. You can create a packaging design with high-quality colors and logos, thus causing customers to recognize your product easily every time.

The consumer market looks for transparency when purchasing products, especially within the nutritional supplement market. Make sure to include nutritional information, the company story, and any other information you feel will be necessary to attract buyers to your product. In today’s consumer market, customers are also looking for sustainable packaging because of the rising popularity of environmental awareness and conserving resources. Pouches with resealable features also promote reusability since customers can use the packaging in other ways once the product is gone instead of throwing it away. Below are some of the positive impacts flexible packaging has on our environment:

  • Less Energy and Fewer Natural Resources

  • Lower CO₂ Emissions

  • Higher Product-to-Package Ratio

  • Longer Shelf Life

  • Less Landfill Space

Design a Pouch for Your Product Today

With the consumer market transitioning more and more to healthy lifestyles, nutritional supplements and products continue to grow in popularity. Many throughout the world have a goal of transforming and combating health concerns by altering their current daily habits. Aside from adding exercise to daily routines, nutritional supplements are being incorporated as well. Those interested in improving their health are drawn to quick, convenient ways to adjust their diets and incorporate added nutrition. Sports nutrition companies are met with the obstacle of creating an effective packaging design that caters to the consumer and is convenient for the manufacturer. There are many benefits of flexible pouch packaging, and if you’re a sports nutrition company, it’s recommended to start exploring this packaging design for your products.