Our Future: Why We Can Count on Flexible Packaging

17 December 2020

It's true. Flexible packaging has slowly paved its own path into the packaging industry by pushing traditional packaging materials to the side. Whether you're walking through a local grocery store or picking up paper products at a general merchandise retailer, you've likely noticed a variety of package structures and designs. Flexible packaging has continued to make waves in the packaging industry since it's climbed in popularity, and we don't see it back down any time soon. But what is the attraction, and why can we count on this material for the future? Read more below.

Consumer Convenience

In today's world, many consumers live a busy lifestyle, whether that's juggling two jobs, running children from activity to activity, or getting a workout in before or after their workday. This has caused many individuals to seek out products that cater to their time-crunched schedules through on-the-go portions, resealable features, and more. Manufacturers need to consider the customer when creating their flexible packaging design as this will give you traction in an already competitive industry. Flexible materials offer outstanding benefits to both new and existing customers, from storage and easily open or reseal to convenient on-the-go use. Flexible packaging is incredibly lightweight, making it a better choice for busy lifestyles than a glass container or rigid plastic packaging.

Aside from its lightweight design, flexible packaging is also incredibly durable, meaning customers can easily store your product in a backpack, purse, or pocket without fear of it opening unexpectedly. Many manufacturers are drawn to flexible packaging for its versatility between single-serve and multiple serving packages. Flexible packaging eliminates the need for filling a Ziploc bag with a product because you don't have room for bulky multiple serving containers in your work or gym bag. Consumers are drawn to products that save time and energy in their already busy lifestyles, and flexible packaging does just that and more.


Did you know that flexible packaging helps support our environment in a variety of ways? Not only does it minimize the amount of plastic pollution, but also the amount of food waste that enters our landfills. Zero waste and eco-friendly lifestyles have been on the rise for quite some time and are only continuing to grow in popularity. This is a remarkable detail for manufacturers to focus on as it foreshadows the type of product consumers following these lifestyles will be drawn to. Flexible packaging has a smaller carbon footprint than traditional packaging materials and has a better impact on our environment.

The design of flexible packaging helps keep perishable products safe from unwanted oxygen and moisture, meaning the product will last longer and decrease the likelihood of it ending up in the landfill. Resealable features also allow the consumer to preserve product freshness over time rather than using or consuming a product in one sitting. Flexible packaging is beneficial for various industries, from cereals and vegetables to fruits, nuts, and coffee.

Simplified Shipping and Display

The lightweight design of flexible packaging helps get your product to retail locations as more products can be shipped at once because less space and truckloads are required. Manufacturers will reduce their shipping costs substantially as less weight and space mean less gas for truckers delivering your products to retailers. Another perk of less gas consumption is a smaller carbon footprint, which can attract more customers as they may see that you have our environment in mind. Flexible packaging comes in a variety of designs, such as stand-up or lay-flat pouches. This not only allows you to select the best design for your product's needs but makes storage and display at retail locations more feasible. You'll have the capability to add more of your product to shelves at once due to lower space requirements, and it gives retailers flexibility in how each product is displayed.

Design Flexibility

Many manufacturers are drawn to flexible packaging because of its impressive design versatility. Due to the consistency of flexible packaging, you can easily incorporate high-quality and high-impact graphics on your creation. Instead of having a graphic in one centralized spot, many manufacturers have chosen to encapsulate the whole package with branding, which draws higher volumes of potential customers. Here at The Packaging Lab, we have in-house graphic designers that help finesse your product branding, so a bright and clear design is delivered every time. Not only will this help your products stand out on retail shelves, but it allows you to meet and exceed your product packaging goals and expectations with unique, eye-catching graphics.

Quick Turnaround

Design resources and wait times have continued to improve, especially for the fast-paced culture that today's world has formed around. The Packaging Lab and many other design companies cater to manufacturers by offering a quick turnaround on flexible packaging designs – graphics and all. This is beneficial for various reasons, but especially when trying to land a new retailer or fulfill a sudden influx of orders. Many retailers don't like waiting long to receive more products, primarily if they're sold out, and flexible packaging solves this issue point-blank. Utilizing digital printing for flexible packaging designs allows manufacturers to create and receive their materials in a few days rather than weeks or months. This quick turnaround helps manufacturers keep better track of inventory and save on expenses and warehouse space. Digital printing also opens the door for easy design adjustments and tweaks, which can be beneficial for rebranding or seasonal advertising.

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Maybe you're already using flexible packaging, or you've been considering it for a while. Regardless of where you're at, there's no time like the present to make the transition. Flexible packaging has quickly proven to be the packaging industry's future as the benefits easily outweigh traditional packaging options. Get further connected with your target audience by creating a flexible packaging design for your products today – you won't regret it.