7 Companies That Thrive With Flexible Packaging

15 March 2021

Flexible packaging is everywhere. From health and beauty products and supplements to food and household products - store shelves are full of it. Consumers prefer this type of packaging over traditional, more rigid options, and companies are taking note. Two common types of flexible packaging are stand-up and lay-flat pouches. Both can include a hang hole that allows the package to hang on a retailer's hook, and a resealable zipper for added convenience. A lay-flat pouch does not have a gusset on the bottom, which is what helps a package to stand up. Other types of flexible packaging include shrink wrap, industrial films, and barrier films. Some of the most recognizable brands use flexible packaging, whether consumers realize it or not. When a company takes advantage of all that flexible packaging has to offer, it can thrive. Here are just a few examples of companies that use flexible packaging.

Bear Naked Granola®

When granola is packaged in a water-resistant, resealable pouch, the product will taste its best while having a longer shelf life. Bear Naked Granola® knows this and uses its resealable packaging to deliver quality products to consumers. The company recently created a more sustainable pouch that is fully recyclable. The redesign not only met consumers' growing desire for more eco-friendly packaging, but the improved barrier requirements also helped enhance the shelf life of the product. This redesign was so effective the company received the silver award for sustainability from the Flexible Packaging Association's 2020 Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards and Innovation Showcase.

Caribou® and Starbucks®

Wander the coffee aisle at any grocery store, and you will see almost every brand has a packaging pouch. These products are only as good for as long as their contents are fresh, and flexible packaging helps ensure optimal freshness. Some of the biggest names in the coffee industry, Caribou® and Starbucks®, recognize the advantages of flexible packaging and use stand-up pouches. Whether it's ground or whole bean coffee, these companies know that freshness is essential. A resealable zipper pouch is ideal for ensuring consumers receive a high-quality product with a long shelf life.

Blue Buffalo®

Flexible packaging doesn't only benefit companies that produce products for human use. Some companies cater to four-legged friends that have realized the advantages of this type of packaging. Blue Buffalo® is just one example that knows how both lay-flat and stand-up pouches can help keep its product fresh for pets while being convenient for the pet owners buying the product. From treats to food, resealable packaging reassures consumers there is a secure seal.

Que Bella®

Flexible packaging is making its way into the health and beauty industry. Companies that produce skincare, hair care, and general beauty products have recognized the benefits of transitioning away from the standard rigid and semi-rigid containers. Que Bella® makes a range of face masks and other skincare products, and packages almost exclusively in flexible packaging. Lay-flat pouches, which are lightweight and easy to open, are perfect for Que Bella's® slim face masks. Product safety and integrity is a crucial aspect when manufacturing your health and beauty products. Your customers, just like Que Bella's® customers, want to know your product is safe. Potential customers can tell if their Que Bella® product's safety is preserved thanks to its tear seal feature.  


Beachbody's® line of nutrient-dense shake powder takes advantage of all that flexible packaging has to offer. Shakeology® comes in both stand-up and lay-flat pouches, giving consumers the choice of picking which works best for their lives. The resealable stand-up pouch helps guarantee product freshness, while the individual packets allow consumers to take the supplement powder with them wherever they go. Athletes of all skill levels want products that are convenient and easy to transport. Shakeology® packaging allows for its users to pick which option works best for their on-the-go lifestyle.

Thrive Market®

From dishwasher packs to laundry detergent powder, Thrive Market's® household products use all that flexible packaging has to offer. By using things like resealable stand-up pouches, Thrive Market® ensures its products are protected from water and temperature. A benefit of flexible packaging is its eco-friendliness. Flexible packaging requires less energy, water, and material to manufacture and transport. For a company that prides itself on creating eco-friendly products, it makes sense they would choose packaging that backs up this mission.


The customizable options that come with flexible packaging pouches make it ideal for companies looking for something bright and fun, like a candy company. Haribo® produces gummy candy ranging from single-serving portions to shareable and bulk. By using flexible packaging, they have options for these size ranges while keeping their branding consistent. The brand has designed the packaging to include transparent material to show consumers exactly what they are about to indulge in.

The Benefits of Flexible Packaging

The number of companies taking advantage of flexible packaging is ever-growing. Companies across a wide range of industries realize the benefits flexible packaging can bring them. Flexible packaging offers a range of benefits for both the consumer and the manufacturer, including:

  • Consumer convenience
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Design flexibility
  • Lowering production cost
  • Environmentally friendly

When you integrate flexible packaging into manufacturing your product, you can offer customers products in sizes and shapes that better suit their lifestyle. Flexible packaging can benefit companies in every industry, including yours. If you are interested in learning more about switching your packaging to help your business thrive, contact The Packaging Lab today.