Healthy Choices Are Fueling the Granola and Cereals Market

14 October 2019

Most people agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and a pantry wouldn’t be complete without a bag of granola or cereal. Not only is it a beloved breakfast favorite, but it’s also a great meal any time of the day.

Healthy Trends in the Granola and Cereals Industry

As consumers are choosing natural ingredients and worrying more about food allergies, the granola and cereals market is rapidly opening up to niche companies who are focusing on healthier options—lower sugar, gluten-free, and higher in protein. According to Mordor Intelligence, gluten-free products are currently driving the breakfast cereal market which is expected to reach USD 58.73 billion by 2022.

With parents looking for low sugar options for their children, the cereal industry has been trying out fun flavors to promote after revamping their cereals to be healthier. Companies are hoping to catch the eye of the consumer with bright packaging and a fresh, new taste. With this in mind, Forbes pointed out that large communities are surrounding limited flavors from top companies such as Kellogg’s, General Mills, and Post.

In addition to being part of a morning meal, granola is also used as an on-the-go snack option. Whether it’s grabbed as a bar, added as a topping on yogurt, or taken as snack on a hiking trail, the versatility of granola has led to its rapid growth in the marketplace. People appreciate the health benefits of this natural food product composed mostly of oats, dried fruit, and puffed rice.

Flexible Packaging in the Granola and Cereals Market

With consumers focusing on healthy lifestyle choices, businesses are taking advantage by bringing new cereal and granola products to market. Flexible packaging has allowed these companies to be successful in an area that had been dominated by only a few industry giants. This type of packaging can reduce time to market while allowing for lower inventory and a quick turnaround on specialty flavors.

Stand-up pouches can get a product noticed on store shelves especially with a unique, brand design. This will draw the attention and parents and children alike. The barrier film will help keep moisture out of the package while extending the shelf-life.

A stand-up bag can also reduce waste in comparison to traditional cereal boxes with a plastic bag inside. Also, by using a resealable pouch, it can keep cereal and granola as fresh as possible.

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