Tips to Make Your Packaging Stand Out

24 October 2019

Product branding is what makes you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Through good typography and images, you can convey the benefits of your product and what differentiates it from your competitors.

Advantages of Custom-Branded Packaging

When you look at iconic brands such as Apple and Tiffany & Co., you easily recognize their products because of their packaging. The Apple packaging matches what’s inside—modern, sleek, and minimalist. With Tiffany, everyone has come to associate the unique blue boxes with luxury and elegance.

With custom-branded packaging, your product can be designed to tell a story, to catch the eye of potential customers, and to build customer loyalty among your current ones.

Design Tips

When designing product packaging, you need to think about the customers’ perspective. In this blog, we will focus on three key elements:

  • Typography: Fonts should complement your design, so don’t be afraid to choose something funky or curly, if that’s your brand style, just make sure the typography is legible from every angle and a couple feet away. The size of the font type also influences readability – when you are creating your artwork on the computer, it’s easy to zoom in to visualize the information, but it’s important to be mindful of its final size when printed on the packaging.

  • Design style: Remember that less is more—keep the design simple and avoid clutter. Otherwise, your product packaging can be difficult to read and understand from across a store aisle. Make sure that your product design has focal point to attract a customer’s attention.

  • Product relation: Finally, your design should ultimately reflect your product. For example, if your product contains natural ingredients, using a simple design with green and other earth tones will give a hint to what’s inside.

We Can Help

At The Packaging Lab, we offer a DESIGN FOR ME service for our customers who need help with their product design. For a nominal, one-time fee of $250, our in-house design team will work with you to create an ideal product packaging. This is a tremendous value compared to the rates for traditional graphic design work, while still providing you with a high-quality, custom printed package.

Please check out our DESIGN FOR ME service to get started or to learn more.