Must Haves for Effective Food Packaging Design

05 October 2022


When selling a product, packaging is one of the most critical factors in whether or not it sells. The packaging design of a food product is one of the only ways to grab the consumer’s attention and make them want to try your product. 

Effective food package design is essential. So, choosing the right branding strategy and a design that fits the product is the only way to achieve a good product packaging design. To create the perfect food package design you must consider a few key factors.


Obviously, food packaging design is the exterior cover of an edible product and how it appears to the public. Effective food package design considers a few crucial factors. Not only do you want it to look aesthetically pleasing to the eye, but you also want it to be functional for use.


The first step to designing effective food product packaging is coming up with a functional design. One example of this would be cereal. If your product is cereal meant to be poured into a bowl, you need a food packaging design that allows for easy pouring. 

The next thing to consider would be branding. You want to create a branding strategy that is coherent with your brand and makes sense for the product you’re promoting. 

For example, Tony the tiger promoting Frosted Flakes because he thinks they are “GRRRReat” is an excellent branding strategy that makes sense and sticks with the consumer. Consumers also recognize Tony’s face on all Frosted Flakes food product packaging.


One very effective strategy in creating the perfect food packaging design is by coming up with something unique to your brand. Create brand identity by using the same branded look on all food product packaging. 

One example of this would be the Godiva box design; you never see Godiva chocolates in a plastic bag like you would Hershey’s or Mars chocolates; that’s because this is their brand identity, and it is how they stand out from the competition. 

Try a fun and unique food packaging design that will pop out and grab the attention of your potential customers. Suppose this is something you need help achieving. In that case, you can always reach out to a professional custom packaging design company to help inspire you or to help you decide what to use as your brand identity strategy.

person putting a package of food in a grocery store basket


Aside from creating brand identity, you also want to create a food package design that will stand out from your competition. One way to make your food package design stand out is by choosing shapes that work for displays, storage, and your customer’s pantry. 

Create a fun yet still functional shape for your food product package, like a stackable lay-flat pouch for snacks or a stand-up pouch with a hang hole. You can also make your package stand out by using bold colors and designs. 

For example, if you're selling gourmet coffee beans, don't just put it in a plain brown bag. Consider a stand-up coffee pouch that works on traditional coffee displays but features your unique branding. 

Don’t worry if you’re struggling with how to design food packaging that’s perfect for your product. Our in-house team of talented designers are ready to help you create the perfect food packaging design for your product.


What is packaging design without branding? Developing a brand strategy is critical when discussing the perfect food packaging design. The brand strategy is a long-term goal of promoting your product with a similar design that consumers will learn to know and trust. 

Develop a brand strategy that not only pops out at the customer but also complements the product you’re selling. For example, if you’re selling spicy chips, your food package design should incorporate colors that portray a spicy product (red, orange, yellow, etc.). On the other hand, imagine using a dark blue color scheme for a super spicy product; it would only confuse the customer and most likely wouldn’t sell.


When creating a brand strategy, you want to develop something that complements your product well but is versatile. Brand versatility refers to the ability to utilize your branding strategy among different products. 

One way to create this type of branding technique is by choosing a blend of logos and colors that blend well and remain consistent across all packaging. For example, McDonald’s uses the golden arches as one of the most recognizable logos in the world, but the branding strategy doesn’t stop there. All food product packaging adopts the familiar color scheme with lots of red, brown, and bright yellow. You get french fries in a red sleeve with golden lining and trim or a white sleeve with red and gold trim. Burgers, salads, and even drink cups feature the same hues of red, gold, and occasionally brown. 

Why did McDonald’s choose those colors for its food product packaging? It surely wasn’t to justify using a clown as a mascot. These colors literally make you hungry and encourage you to buy, which is why so many fast food brands use red somewhere in their branding.

This same principle is applied to food package design as well. Create a solid brand, choose the colors that you think match best with your product, and then utilize that versatility among all of your different products.


The material you use to create your food packaging design is just as important as its appearance. Choosing the perfect material to package your food product will help promote sales and generate trust among your consumers. 

Consider dietary supplements and protein powders typically sold in plastic tubs with odd shapes that make it nearly impossible to extract all the product. Why not be a trendsetter and choose a simple, resealable pouch that’s safe, healthy, and lets your customers get every last bit of product? 

That is just one example of being creative and utilizing a different packaging material to stand out among the competition and package with your product in mind. Find the material that works best for your product and stick to that design.


If you still find yourself struggling to design an effective food package design for your brand, please do not hesitate to reach out to a professional packaging design company for help! The Packaging Lab will help you from start to finish in creating the perfect design. So, you can rest easy knowing your food packaging design is professional and will be effective in generating the sales you need. If you’re ready to get started on your food packaging design, contact The Packaging Lab today to speak with one of our team members.

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