What Are the Important Elements for Great Consumer Packaging Design?

12 January 2023

You don't need just a good quality product to generate sales, but you need great consumer packaging design. Consumers usually look at the outward appearance of a good when making a purchase. Your product’s presentation helps form the consumers’ opinion on whether to buy or not. Keep in mind that customers do this before having a chance to use the goods. 

Thus, you must give a lot of thought to your product’s packaging. Doing so will greatly sway consumers’ purchase decisions. We ensure you show off your products in the most effective way possible. 

Here are some elements to pay attention to achieve an excellent consumer packaging design. 



Branding is vital for the success of all companies. At The Packaging Lab, we ensure consistency in your values, tone, and voice. Doing so will help you achieve brand credibility among buyers. Packaging makes up a vital part of your brand. By working with our team, you ensure it showcases your brand identity by including the following:

  • Consistent voice and tone
  • Established brand colors
  • Organized design features (logos, typography, etc.)

Packaging is often the only form of branding that buyers encounter. Consistency will tell customers that your brand is trustworthy and worth buying from. 

Product and Contact Information

At The Packaging Lab, we avoid cluttered and small fonts as they are hard to read and frustrating for most customers. Instead, we choose fonts that are easy to decipher.

Product Information

Today’s consumer wants to know the make-up of a product before buying it. This is especially true for food products. At The Packaging Lab, we ensure vital information is available and easily located on the packaging. Choosing the correct typography is crucial in ensuring consumers can find the information they need on your product.

Contact Information

It’s impossible to tell the whole story on the package, so you want to offer the customer another way to contact you. Having your website URL, your email address, or a QR code so they can check any important information quickly can be the difference between them buying again or never again.

Visual Appeal in Consumer Packaging Design

Human beings are visual, and they shop with their eyes. Studies show that 92.6% of people find visual factors critical when buying something. Typically, people pick eye-catching products off the shelf to examine them. You must use a consumer packaging design that’ll stand out while on display. 

However, it’s not enough to make a product generally attractive. But worry not, we make sure that it’s visually appealing to your target market through color. For example, bright colors are suitable for kids’ products. On the other hand, plain colors would be better for products meant for an older, more health-conscious audience.

Durability and Quality

Whether you choose rigid or flexible packaging designs, if the packaging looks and feels cheap, it gives the impression that the goods inside are cheap too. Undervaluing your product by using cheap packaging can be disastrous. So, we use good quality and long-lasting packaging material.

Your product will stand out from the rest in terms of quality. Bad-quality packaging may get damaged in the supply chain. If that happens, the product will be unattractive, leading to a lower sales volume. 


It's common knowledge that attractive and high-quality graphics help your product stand out. However, a little-known fact is that you can include too much in the consumer packaging design. Doing so would distract the buyer from the essential parts.

Consumers take in only a few of the design elements at first glance. So, identify what you want to highlight on the packaging and make those stand out. For an excellent consumer packaging design, simplicity is key.

It’s Time to Get Engaging Consumer Packaging Design

How you package your product greatly influences your sales volume. If you want to invest in a great consumer packaging design, contact us today for a quote and the several options you have for creating great packaging.