Why Are Stand-Up Pouches With Barriers Important for Food Packaging?

12 January 2023

Stand-up pouches with barriers serve multiple purposes. Colorful and appealing packaging can make your product more noticeable and boost sales, but quality packaging should also protect the food and preserve its taste and texture.

Here’s why stand-up pouches with barriers are one of the best food packaging options.

Why Stand-Up Pouches With Barriers Are a Safe Option

Several outside contaminants can get inside a food product and affect its taste or even make it unsafe for consumption.

Stand-up food pouches create a tight seal that prevents anything from entering the packaging. This barrier can prevent pathogens from entering the packaging and releasing toxins. It also keeps oxygen out, a crucial factor in the growth of mold or bacteria that can make a product unsafe to consume.

Food packaging with a high barrier also increases shelf life by keeping insects, rodents, and other parasites out of the product.

Protecting Food From Humidity

Humidity is one of the main factors that reduce shelf life when storing food. If the packaging lets moisture in, the humidity will ruin the taste and texture of the food and cause it to spoil.

With a high-barrier pouch, the product is safe from humidity and moisture. Preserving this dry environment is crucial in preventing the growth of mold and bacteria.

Food pouches can also keep humidity in and prevent a product from drying due to exposure to light, oxygen, or high temperatures.

Preventing Oxidation

Exposure to oxygen can cause different chemical reactions in food products. Oxygen can react with enzymes and cause food to turn brown and lose its aroma. Oxygenation can also affect fat molecules and cause food or health and beauty products to develop a different taste and texture.

While all food products have a shelf life, high-barrier packaging can extend it by keeping oxygen, light, and humidity out.

Preserving Taste and Texture

Many outside factors can alter the texture, taste, and smell of a food product. Humidity can cause the texture to become soggy while high temperatures can cause the product to become dry and hard. Exposure to oxygen can result in a loss of aroma and taste.

Food packaging can protect the product from these different elements and preserve the original taste and texture. Whether you’re selling a crisp, chewy, liquid, creamy, or crunchy product, consumers can expect the same experience every time.

 High-barrier food packaging will also preserve the aroma of a food product and prevent any bad experiences with a product that has become stale, soggy, spoiled, or foul.

Stand-Up Pouches With Barriers Allow for Long-Term Storage

With grocery prices going up, many consumers are looking for deals or shopping in bulk to save. Food with packaging that allows for long-term storage is becoming an increasingly appealing option for many.

A product with high-barrier packaging will deliver more value by preserving the food’s taste and texture longer for those shopping for food items they will store.

Food packaging designed to preserve food during storage also makes it easier for stores to keep your product in stock instead of having to replace their inventory when the product becomes stale.

Establishing Trust

Food safety is important. Consumers need to know they can trust your brand to deliver a product that is fresh and safe to consume.

The best way to establish trust is to use packaging that visibly protects the food. With stand-up pouches, consumers can immediately see the tight seal that protects the product. They can also easily tell if something broke the barrier.

Bring Your Packaging to the Next Level With Food Pouches

High-barrier food packaging has several advantages, including keeping humidity, oxygen, and other contaminants out of the food product.

As more consumers care about food safety and look for the best value possible, using resealable food pouches with a barrier can make your product stand out and boost your sales.

Are food pouches a good option for you? Contact The Packaging Lab today to learn more about stand-up pouches with barriers.