What Packaging Film Types Are Available for the Packaging Lab’s Products?

25 January 2023

Whether you want your product to stand on its own or are simply interested in making it stand out to potential clients, the packaging lab’s assortment of packaging film types is at your disposal.

The right packaging film might be the difference between an outstanding finish for your product; therefore, adequate research into the available materials is imperative. We offer the pinnacle of packaging customizability by allowing you to choose from clear, white, or metalized packaging films.

Packaging Film Types for Pouches

For many business owners, the integrity of their products is a key concern when selecting a worthy packaging film material. Your product needs to be in an air-tight and pathogen-free environment without the risk of emptying the pouch’s contents during transit, display, or after sustaining minimal external pressure.

With over 40 years of experience in the packaging industry,we have an in-depth understanding of all your requirements. Below are the packaging film types for pouches.

Clear Films

The clear film is ideal for enticing your customers to view the contents of a package without necessarily having to open the bag. You may choose to put a window into your package or opt for a window option for a sneak peek into your products.

Metalized Films

If you have opened a bag of your favorite potato crisps in the past, you have probably come across the wonders of metalized films. With their great silver appearance, metalized films are great packaging materials for various products. You can add to the luster of your products with a metalized film to pack your spices, coffee beans, or ground substance.

White Films

You have seen the clear film and the silver packaging film, and neither makes the cut for you, then white film is exactly what you need. White film is an elegant choice and remains the most common purchase at The Packaging Lab.  

Roll Stock Packaging Films

Roll stock packaging films are your perfect companion for all your form-fill-seal machinery needs. With our versatile applications, The Packaging Lab understands that functionality and aesthetic appearance are at the top of your requirement list and offer these and a lot more with the multiple gauges of the different packaging films.

Thick Gauge Clear and White Films

Designed to protect your products from all sorts of damage, thick, clear, and white films are perfect if you are trying to avoid problems such as burns, tears, and rips. Punctures on a specific location in the film are unlikely to spread to other areas. They are ideal for heavy wood and metal products.

Medium Gauge Clear, Metallic and White Films

Medium gauge clear and white films offer increased resistance to puncture and tear than thinner gauges, with flexibility lacking in thicker gauges. However, a downside to medium gauge roll stock films is that they are less tolerant of an increase in weight.

Thin Gauge Clear

Thin gauge clear roll stock packaging film is ideal for lighter functions such as food packaging. If you are looking for bakery product packaging or trying to cover up confectionery and stationary, then the thin gauge film is a perfect choice. 

In addition to its functionality, the thin clear film guarantees a longer roll than thicker variants. Consider thin gauge roll stock packaging film cannot handle products with sharp edges or corners.

Stand-Up Pouches

Stand-up pouches are perfect for putting your product in front of your customers. They are conveniently neat to organize and may also be conveniently stacked to a reasonable height cutting down on transit costs. Depending on your individual needs and preferences, there are several packaging film types to choose from regarding pouches.

Lay-Flat Pouches

Lay-flat pouches are ideal for people looking for stackable packaging options. They are functional and offer an aesthetic appeal when paired with a gloss or matte factory finish. You may use additional stand-out features such as classic zippers and hang-holes to give your customers the ultimate unboxing experience. 

Choose Your Favorite Packaging Film Type

Like their upright counterparts, lay-flat packages come in the clear, customized, or white variety. Contact us today to make an inquiry or purchase any of our packaging film types.