What Stand-Up Pouch Colors and Finishes Are Available?

25 January 2023

There are multiple considerations when figuring out what stand-up pouch colors and finishes to use. How would you like your customers to feel the first time they hold your packaging in their hands? What impression do you want to leave about your brand?

A glossy overlay catches attention immediately, with a lustrous finish and high-contrast hues, while a matte finish gives off a more understated feel and look to the pouch. 

Each option has its strengths, and the debate between the two depends on personal needs and preferences. 

Available Packaging Options

There are several packaging options available when determining the best option for your business and product. You’ll need to consider:

  • Colors
  • Matte finish
  • Glossy finish

Choosing Colors 

Remember that the colors are nearly unlimited when selecting the best options based on the stand-up pouch colors and finishes at your disposal. 

You can include as many colors as you’d like on your stand-up pouch for your print design. Using a digital printing press allows for limitless color potential. 

Ensure that you choose a color that draws attention to your product and works well with what you're trying to promote for your brand. 

It's helpful to utilize the services of a design team to offer suggestions on what colors are captivating and possibly not commonly used in your particular market. 

Stand-Up Pouch Colors and Finishes: Matte 

A matte finish exudes luxury, and it's becoming increasingly popular to put your products on the shelf with a matte look. If you want to leave the impression that your product is high-quality and more sophisticated, choose the velvety, soft texture of the matte lamination. 

The matte finish also gives consumers a delightful tactile experience, but you'll have to be mindful that this material will show fingerprints more quickly than a glossy finish. If you're considering making a statement, go with matte lamination to be different. 

It makes your product stand out because stand-up pouch colors and finishes are usually glossy. 

If businesses want to embrace a formal look, they can use a matte finish. Some individuals would rather have their packaging modestly designed than showy and loud, and some consumers appreciate a simple matte finish.

A matte finish presents some technical advantages. Its lack of shine is more practical when writing words and reading them with such a finish. Sometimes it's hard to read with a glossy finish. However, it is easier to read large fonts on a matte finish.

Since matte lamination has a reflective finish, it can lessen the colors' brilliance, creating a more reserved palette. Window pouches have a more hazy look and create less contrast when paired with darker colors, giving you a softer look overall.

To avoid an uninteresting design, experiment with the dielines and color palette to ensure that your stand-up pouch is distinguished from the rest of the competition and attracts consumers.

Stand-Up Pouch Colors and Finishes: Glossy 

Having gloss laminate is aesthetically attractive. It makes crisp lines and colors, mainly when used with packaging that has heavy imaging. Gloss laminate gives window pouches higher clarity and another visual element.

To make a product look refined, gloss lamination is ideal because it demands attention and is dynamic in nature. Additionally, the material is durable because it repels dirt and dust.

Even after the material comes in contact with surface dirt, it offers excellent protection and easily wipes clean.

Although gloss provides a premium look, scratches, indents, and wrinkles are much more apparent in a brightly lit retail environment.

With UV coating, you can use it for selected parts of the print to achieve bright colors; however, the sheen of the finish can sometimes overshadow the package design's subtlety.

Choose Your Stand-Up Pouch Colors and Finishes With The Packaging Lab

It all boils down to laminate, and its utility depends on your preference, which can only be decided when you feel and see your packaging firsthand. You'll be able to visualize how the consumer will feel when they go to pick up your product.

The presentation of your product is essential, so contact our experienced team today to create packaging mock-ups in different laminates to compare stand-up pouch colors and finishes.