Why Should Businesses Choose The Packaging Lab for Custom Candy Packaging?

27 March 2023

The custom candy packaging you choose is the consumers' first impression of your product. Therefore, the right packaging is an important driver toward successful marketing. Choosing the wrong packaging can mean you have far lower sales than you'd hoped.

The quality of your packaging reflects your product, which is why you should choose The Packaging Lab for your custom candy packaging needs. 

Food Safe Materials

If you are packaging candy, you want to make sure you use food-safe packaging. You don't want any chemicals or residue on the packaging to come in contact with the candy and contaminate it.

Look for high-barrier packaging materials. This packaging consists of multiple layers that preserve freshness and protect the food inside from gasses, light, moisture, and odors. These elements can cause the food to deteriorate or become unappealing.

Custom Candy Packaging for Your Business

It's important to have options available to customize your packaging. Whether you'll have 100 bags or hope to sell a million, you want your packaging to be attractive, fit your brand, and convey the message you want it to. There are also several purely functional aspects to consider when designing your custom packaging.

Pouch Type

Do you want your pouch to stand up on its own? Or should it be able to hang? Does it need to be resealable? These are all items to consider, and you'll want to choose a manufacturer that can check all the boxes you need your packaging to include.

Material and Finish

Depending on your desired look, you may want to choose specific materials or finishes that will best show off your design and product.

For instance, if you plan to have a window in your packaging to allow people to see the product inside, a clear film and glossy finish will likely be best. Or perhaps you want the inside of your packaging to be silver. In that case, you can choose a metallicized finish.

Choosing between a gloss or matte finish can depend on your brand or just which finish shows off your custom design the best.

Fast Turnaround

Getting your packaging quickly gives you more time to fill it and have it ready to go, eliminating last-minute stress. And, of course, suppose you're working on a last-minute idea or if you took longer than you'd planned to perfect the design for your custom candy packaging. Then, a quick turnaround may be the difference between having your candy packaged and ready to go or missing out on your deadline

Custom Candy Packaging Styles and Design

You've put a lot of thought into your candy. Now, it's time to make sure the packaging does it justice. With The Packaging Lab, you can customize your candy packaging to meet your unique needs and desires.

Not only do we offer completely customized printing on your candy packaging, but if you need help with your design, we have a team of design experts to work with you through the process.

You can choose stand-up or lay-flat pouches in the size you need. We offer clear, metallicized, and white film and gloss or matte finishes. You can also choose round or Euro-style hang holes or a reclosable zipper if your product requires those features. All of our packages come with standard tear notches, but if you'd like to omit them, all you have to do is ask.

Choose The Packaging Lab for Your Custom Packaging

Our background in food packaging means we understand your needs and make all our packaging from high-barrier food-safe materials. 

You can order whatever quantity you need, meaning there are no minimums. Our fast turnaround times mean your packaging can arrive directly to you or ship to the company packaging your candy within a matter of days.

If you have any questions about our custom candy packaging, you can contact us today or request a free sample pack to give you a visual of the quality and even test whether your product will fit.