Find out what type of product packaging suits you.

The use of flexible packaging over traditional, rigid packaging has increased over time. A wide range of industries are now taking advantage of the numerous benefits that film and pouches offer. Flexible packaging can be ordered in a range of sizes and is adaptable to the shape of the product, making reduction of packaging waste just one of its key perks. Businesses also see the opportunity to use films and pouches as custom packaging solutions – features can be added to ensure they are the right fit for its purpose, for example the inclusion of zippers for resealable packaging; and bespoke packaging printing allows brands to stand out on retailers’ shelves.

We offer superior-quality, custom-printed stand up pouches, lay flat pouches and roll stock film with no minimum order quantity required and turnaround as fast as in one business day.

Custom printed roll stock film, representing packaging printing services by The Packaging Lab

Our high-quality, custom-printed roll stock films can be used in a variety of applications such as pillow, lay-flat, and stand-up pouches. Some materials include barrier properties to help extend shelf life.
Lay flat black packaging with green square design, printed by The Packaging Lab

The lay-flat pouch is a space-efficient choice for those wanting less material and easy storage. Whilst the stand-up pouches have an added gusset at the bottom allowing the bag to stand on its own while holding a larger volume.