With our simple and straightforward process, you can create effective packaging with beautiful designs. Creating a custom pouch entails a lot of important decisions – we want to make it easy for you! Unsure which pouch is right? Order our free sample pack.


Don’t worry – designing beautiful packaging is possible. Consider these questions to help get your creative juices flowing:

Pouch Type
  • Stand-Up Pouches are designed to stand on their own on a retail shelf, and they are commonly used for packaging large or bulky products.
  • Lay-flat Pouches are also referred to as 3-side sealed pouches, pillow pouches, or just simply flat pouches. They are commonly used for packaging small or flat/thinner products.
  • Dimensions are listed as Width x Height x Gusset (for Stand-Up Pouches) or Width x Height (for Lay-Flat Pouches).
  • Dimensions listed are outside dimensions.
  • Please order a free Sample Pack to determine the most accurate pouch size. The sample pack includes one of each standard size pouch.
  • Do you want or need your pouch to include a window? Choose CLEAR film
  • Do you want the inside of your pouch to be silver? Choose METALLIZED film
  • If neither scenario above is relevant, you should opt for our most popular material Choose WHITE film
  • Do you want your pouch to have a shiny appearance? Choose GLOSS finish
  • Do you want your pouch to have a muted appearance with no shine? Choose MATTE finish
  • Will your pouch be for a multi-use product? Will it need to be reclosed after it’s initially opened? Add the zipper option
  • Will your pouch be for a one-time usage? Is your customer likely to discard the pouch immediately after your product has been removed? Do not add the optional zipper
Hang Hole
  • Will your pouch be merchandised from retail peg or hook? Add a Hang Hole (Round is most common)
  • If choosing a Hang Hole, then is your product relatively heavy or does the retailer use loop-style hooks? Add a Euro-Style Hang Hole (also known as Sombrero Style)
  • Is neither scenario above relevant to your pouch? Do not add an optional Hang Hole


Choose between two different styles of pouches or rollstock film – there’s an option for everyone!

Stand-Up Pouch

Lay-Flat Pouch

Rollstock Film