Here at The Packaging Lab we offer candy bag packaging and printed candy bags that stand out in candy stores and sweet’s shops around the world. 

Customers are drawn to custom-made candy bags to hold their sweet treats. The custom candy bags used by various candy makers are a great way to sell people on the value of the candy held within. We are constantly working with our clients to create the kind of packaging that they require to grab a customer's attention. 

Right now, many companies rely on custom candy bags with their logo to help entice more and more people to purchase their specific brand of candy. They know that the candy packaging bags that they select need to say something about who they are as a company and why consumers should pick them over their competition. 

With that in mind, we offer a variety of the latest candy packaging solutions to help our clients attract more customers than they did before using our products.


Candy pouch packaging is used to hold a wide range of candies. The candy pouch packaging that is used by many brands helps make the candy easier to carry and take on the go. We are happy to offer custom candy packaging options for customers who want to carry their candy around with them wherever they go. 

The Packaging Lab will design candy pouch packaging with designs that include custom candy bags with a company's logo on it. Featuring that logo on every bag of candy that is placed in the store is a great way for companies to spread the word about themselves, and we are here to assist with that goal. 


One of the most popular requests we get is for stand-up pouches. Stand-up pouches are the best packaging for candy that won't lay flat. In fact, stand-up pouches are one of the most requested types of packaging. We can work with you to make your stand-up pouches into the custom candy packaging solution that you need.


We can make resealable candy packaging in lay-flat pouches as well. Some resealable candy packaging needs to lay flat in order to hold its contents. If you are working on packaging for candy projects with a specific type of candy that doesn't stand up easily, then packaging for that particular candy will need to come in a laid flat structure, and that is what we offer at The Packaging Lab.

The Packaging Lab would like to sit down with you and go over your custom-made candy bag needs. If you need custom-made candy bags that lay flat, please explain to us the ideas you have in mind for how you would like for this to look. We want to work with you to create the candy bag packaging that you have in mind. Lay-flat pouches are something that we offer, but we want to make sure it is custom candy packaging that will work for you before creating it.  


One of the hottest trends in the market right now is resealable candy packaging. Consumers love resealable candy packaging because it means that they can enjoy some of their candy now and then again later without it going stale.

Here at The Packaging Lab, we are hard at work creating the custom resealable packaging that our clients need. The custom resealable packaging needs that most customers have are a direct reflection of what their customers are demanding. Thus, we have prioritized custom resealable packaging as a top product offering for our clients. 

It is a little more expensive to pay for resealable candy packaging when you could get something that does not require that. However, your packaging for candy needs to be exactly what customers want if you intend on keeping them around for long.


Have you thought about your custom candy packaging from the perspective of using roll stock film? We make custom candy packaging by using roll stock film in order to get a lot of their candy out to the public very quickly via our clients.

Roll stock film is somewhat easier than printed candy bags in that printed candy bags require a more intensive labor process. You can get candy packaging bags done quickly when bringing out the roll stock film and printing up your desired candy packaging bag logos on them.


The Packaging Lab would like to offer you the opportunity to get custom candy bags with your logo on them. The reason to do this is to create a product that says something about your brand and product all at the same time. Candy pouch packaging sells products, and the industry knows it. When candy pouch packaging is done right, it is hard for consumers to skip out on their favorite candies. Allow us to design the bag that customers can't get enough of. 

Custom-made candy bags are fun to look at, and the companies behind the candy should enjoy the process of creating custom-made candy bags. Candy packaging bags that have a designer's touch to them are easy to spot on the store shelves. They simply stand out in ways that other brands do not.

As you think about candy bag packaging and how you would like your final product to look, don't forget to get input on the candy bag packaging from customers past and present so you can judge for yourself how to best create the designs that they are looking for. We would love to hear about that feedback and see what we can do to work it into the final design that we create for you! 


The Packaging Lab is happy to offer free samples of printed candy bags so you can see how your designs will look before you roll them out. At The Packaging Lab, we offer free samples of: 

  • Custom candy packaging    
  • Custom candy bags with logo 
  • Candy packaging bags  

Just reach out to us with your printed candy bag needs, and we will work with you to create something that pops on the shelves and makes consumers want to buy more.