Coffee Producers See the Benefits of Flexible Packaging

11 November 2019

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Coffee Producers See the Benefits of Flexible Packaging

From large consumer brands to smaller specialty roasters, millennials have been driving a new trend in coffee consumption. The market has been moving away from a few corporate giants on grocery store shelves and towards boutique producers. This means people are looking for new ways of packaging coffee and getting it into the hands of customers—and they’re relying on custom-printed flexible packaging.

Standing out in the Marketplace

Today’s coffee culture is filled with a diverse array of design sensibilities from retro or rustic to clean and modern. Coffee-drinking customers are more image aware and make choices based on social and eco-friendly trends, but they also are wanting a more

premium look and feel in regard to the product’s packaging. Short-run, custom-designed flexible packaging can meet all of these criteria and help you bring your product to market quicker and stand out on the shelves among your other competitors. Modern flexible packaging gives a premium look and feel, but also conveys less packaging material which customers view as eco-friendly.

Designing for Customers’ Changing Tastes

The ability to order very short printing runs with a quick turnaround is especially important in the coffee brewing market. It allows you develop new blends and flavors to meet changing tastes, present seasonal offerings, and refine your branding to keep up with consumer trends in the future. With the coffee-drinking target audience tuned into social media and its cultural influencers, being able to respond quickly to new trends can sometimes mean the difference between having the next hit product and missing an opportunity.

Find out how we can help you increase your production responsiveness and get your products into the hands of your customers as fast as possible. Your artisanal coffee deserves a quality product pouch. Plus, if you need some assistance translating your great ideas into a beautiful package, we offer a design service for a small fixed fee.