Why Should Businesses Consider Resealable Pouch Packaging for Their Food Products?

30 May 2023

If you have a multi-use type product, it may be beneficial for you to order resealable pouch packaging. This is where a zipper is included in the packaging, allowing customers to open it up, take some of your product out, reseal it, and put it back on the shelf for future use. While the functionality of resealable pouch packaging is rather simple, it can have profound effects on your products, the way customers perceive your brand, and even the environment. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the reasons you should consider resealable packaging for your products. 

Resealable Pouch Packaging Prevents Spoilage 

Resealable pouch packaging at The Packaging Lab is always high-barrier. This means that the pouches are resistant to moisture, air particles, and other environmental factors that can cause food to deteriorate faster. Besides deterioration, these factors can also lead to toxic contaminants building up, like mold and bacteria. Without proper protection from high-barrier, resealable pouches, your food products could go to waste, or you could make your customers severely ill. 

Resealable Pouches Prevent Material Waste 

When customers buy a multi-serving food product in a non-resealable package, they’ll typically need to transfer it to another package or container. If they want their product to remain fresh for as long as possible, they’ll likely put it in a zipper storage bag since it has an airtight seal. Most people think, “That’s okay. The zipper bag can be recycled since it’s plastic.” However, this is not always the case. If the zipper bag gets food residue in it that can’t be cleaned, it will need to be thrown away. If so, this one food product created double the waste: the package itself had to be thrown away along with the zipper bag used to solve the problem it created. All of that trash in the landfill adds up and contributes to our growing environmental problems. 

Since resealable pouches can be used multiple times, there is no need to put the food product into a separate container. Thus, resealable packages can cut down material waste and help the environment

Resealable Pouches Keep Products Fresh

Customers expect a certain level of freshness when they open a package, and that should be the case for the food’s entire shelf life. No one wants to open their favorite bag of chips they were saving only to taste staleness. Resealable bags ensure your food stays fresh from the moment the package is opened to the moment the last serving is eaten. This will cause customers to have a higher view of your brand since, in the minds of customers, freshness indicates quality. 

Resealable Packaging Looks Attractive

Resealable pouches are easy to print on and have high-quality graphics, so they reflect well on your brand’s professionalism. It’s convenient for customers to check the nutritional facts on the back and any text you included if it’s not blurry and the colors appear clearly. This inspires trust as well, since they can assume that if you put effort into buying excellent quality custom packaging, you put just as much quality into your food products. 

Contact The Packaging Lab for High-Quality Resealable Pouch Packaging 

At The Packaging Lab, we are devoted to your business’s success. We want your packaging to stick out on store shelves, attract customers, and lead to positive brand associations. With our resealable pouches, you can do just that. The impact you’ll have goes beyond your customers as well — it can also prevent food spoilage and even protect the environment in some cases. If you want custom resealable pouch packaging, contact us today to find out more.