Features to Include in Your Custom Stand-Up and Lay-Flat Pouches

03 October 2023

Packaging is more than just a container for your product; it's a key element of your brand's identity. The right kind of packaging can enhance the user experience, preserve the quality of your product, and even contribute to more sustainable consumption patterns. In this blog, we'll delve deep into custom stand-up and lay-flat pouches and discuss the essential features you should include to get the most out of your packaging.

Key Features for Stand-Up Pouches

Zipper or Resealable Closure

One of the most popular features for stand-up pouches is the zipper or resealable closure. This not only makes it convenient for the consumer but also helps in preserving the freshness of the product. Consider adding a child-resistant zipper if your product requires an extra layer of safety.

Rounded Corners

Sharp corners can be hazardous and are more prone to puncture during shipping. Rounded corners can eliminate these risks while providing a sleek, modern appearance.

Key Features for Lay-Flat Pouches

Tear Notch

A tear notch is a tiny, pre-cut slit near the top of the pouch that enables easy opening. It's an especially crucial feature for single-use items or products that require precise portion control.

Transparent Window

Consumers love to see what they are buying. Including a transparent window on your lay-flat pouch can instill confidence in buyers and allow for quick visual identification of the product inside.

Features for Both Types of Custom Pouches

Material Choices

Whether you're opting for a stand-up or lay-flat design, the material choice is crucial. Depending on the product you’re packaging, you might need a material that offers barrier properties against moisture, light, or oxygen. Common material options include foil, Mylar, and various forms of plastic.

Custom Printing

Your custom stand-up and lay-flat pouches are an extension of your brand. High-quality printing is essential for communicating your brand message and catching the consumer's eye.

Sustainable Options

Given the growing demand for eco-friendly solutions, you may want to consider biodegradable or recyclable materials for your pouches. This not only helps the environment but can also serve as a selling point for eco-conscious consumers.

Design High-Quality Custom Stand-Up and Lay-Flat Pouches Today

By paying close attention to these features, your custom stand-up and lay-flat pouches can offer more than just packaging; they can provide a complete user experience. From zippers to material choices, each feature plays a significant role in making your product stand out on the shelf, preserving its quality, and enhancing its appeal to consumers.

So, the next time you're thinking about packaging solutions, remember that customization is key. Tailoring your stand-up and lay-flat pouches to your product's unique requirements can make all the difference in how it is received in the market. Contact The Packaging Lab today to learn more about what features to include in your custom stand-up and lay-flat pouch designs.

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