Sports and Supplements - Growth in Flexible Packaging

16 December 2019

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The rising demand for protein bars, dietary supplements, and energy drinks has led to a rise in product packaging needs. According to Nutraceuticals World, sports nutrition is expected to exceed $45 billion by 2022. Flexible packaging is an excellent choice for handling the evolving needs of the sports and supplements industry. As the needs of athletes change, businesses can keep up with trends by utilizing custom pouches produced in short-run printing.

Easy to Carry

Whether it’s taking their sports supplements to the gym, office, hiking or running trail, athletes want something that is easy to carry in their gym bag or backpack. With flexible packaging being a lightweight alternative over traditional packaging, it’s easier for athletes to take their supplements with them wherever they go.

Easy to Store

Casual and elite athletes usually purchase a variety of supplements, and traditional, rigid packaging can take up a large amount of space in their home or office. With flexible packaging and pouches, the amount of space needed to store these products can be considerably reduced as they can easily fit in drawers, cupboards, or pantries. The benefits are not limited to end users, for retailers, rigid packaging for dietary powders and sports products often take up unnecessary counter or desktop space due to its large size, making flexible pouches a more convenient packaging solution.

Product Freshness

Active athletes are looking to keep their energy drink powders, protein powders, and protein bars as fresh as possible. Resealable pouches and barrier films help protect the product from moisture, light, odors, and other contaminants. That way the supplements stay as potent as possible which is a huge benefit to athletes.

Custom printing

Choosing flexible packaging for your sports products alone may not enough to put you ahead of the competition. It’s important to make them stand out on the shelves. That’s where The Packaging Lab comes in. Offering a premium printing service of single-use pouches and resealable pouches in a variety of sizes, we ensure your brand will catch customers’ attentions for the right reasons.

If you need help with the design, our in-house design studio can transform your ideas into a beautifully presented packaging that fits your brand and product style.