Which Markets Benefit Most From Flexible Packaging

12 October 2020

Many industries that cater to the consumer market have found benefit in transitioning to flexible packaging. Regardless of the market your product falls in, material consistency and design versatility alone will likely increase product sales. Over the years, flexible packaging has continued to grow in popularity in numerous markets, from food, beverage, and household products to pet care and sports supplements.

What Is Flexible Pouch Packaging?

Flexible packaging is utilized by many manufacturers today and is created by designing packaging from non-rigid materials. The use of non-rigid materials gives manufacturers access to more economical and customizable options. Various flexible materials such as foil, plastic, and paper are incorporated into packaging designs to create reliable pouches, bags, and other versatile containers for products. Stand-up and lay-flat pouches are both examples of flexible packaging. Flexible packaging has continued to evolve, and many manufacturers have transitioned their packaging design to these materials. Manufacturers around the world have found numerous benefits in flexible packaging:

  • Improved production efficiency
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Versatile package design and customization
  • Extended shelf life
  • User-friendly packaging
  • Simplified shipping and handling

Markets Targeted By Flexible Packaging

Many industries benefit from flexible pouch packaging for their products, from everyday foods and beverages to cereals and sweet treats. The consumer market expects items to be fresh and in good condition upon purchase. Flexible packaging not only helps extend the shelf life of these products but protects the product from damaging elements such as excess moisture, air exposure, and more.

Food + Beverage

Today’s shoppers are drawn to convenience while making fast, healthy choices. Flexible packaging is beneficial for the food and beverage market because of its ability to keep products fresh. It also allows buyers to bring products on the go without having to second guess their decision. From individual ingredients to products designed for individuals with busy lifestyles, the different flexible packaging styles are equipped with resealable features to encourage convenience and usability. Many products within the food and beverage market have found use in flexible packaging, from granola and cereal to sweets and snacks. You also can’t forget the everyday food items and coffee or tea. Food manufacturers around the world are benefiting exponentially from flexible packaging:

  • Convenience and ease of use
  • Extended shelf life
  • Food safety

Health + Beauty

Whether your product is for skincare, makeup, or hair, the consumer market expects these products to be secure and pure upon purchase. Flexible packaging is designed out of pliable materials that are durable and lightweight, meaning it can quickly form to a variety of shapes and sizes. Many health and beauty products consist of gels, liquids, powders, and oils, making it challenging to find a reliable packaging design. Flexible packaging is durable and has airtight sealing, so these products can be stored correctly and not become damaged in shipping. This packaging design is also more convenient for health and beauty manufacturers because of the higher filling volumes. Rigid packaging places more limits on product amount than flexible packaging because it can mold and shape numerous product types and volumes. Health and beauty manufacturers have chosen flexible packaging for their products for the following reasons:

  • Eliminates contamination
  • Product safety
  • Adaptability
  • Increased freshness and purity

Sports + Fitness

Athletes, coaches, and even those that participate in extracurricular activities need a reliable packaging design that allows for easy transportation regardless of where they’re heading, such as the gym, work, or hiking. Flexible packaging for sports nutrition gives these individuals that flexibility with the lightweight design. Sport and fitness lovers are already required to bring a lot of gear and other relevant items on their commute, making it vital to have a packaging design that protects the product and is convenient for their busy lifestyle. Below are a few of the ways the consumer market and manufacturers benefit from flexible packing in the sports and fitness industry:

  • Easy transportation
  • Simple storage
  • Product freshness

Organics + Supplements

Over the years, organic products and supplements have continued to rise in popularity. Today, the organic market is very established, and many manufacturers are transitioning to or adding organic products of their own if not already in existence. Many organic products are of high quality and require reliable protection to preserve the product from potential damage, such as light, moisture, or odors. Flexible packaging also allows manufacturers to incorporate unique designs that communicate product ingredients and other important information the consumer market is drawn to.

  • Product and brand transparency
  • Resealable and tamper-resistant features
  • Increased protection

Household Products

Many cleaning products utilized in a household are activated with water or temperature, making it extremely important to have adequate protection from outside elements. The household cleaning products market is extremely competitive, and establishing a unique design that helps your product stand out from the competition will lead you to success. From liquid laundry and dishwasher detergents to various cleaning tablets and powders, flexible packaging will protect your product, so it remains fresh for consumer use.

  • Resealable and tamper-resistant features
  • Opportunity for bulk sales
  • Increased moisture protection

Pet Care

Whether you have a pet in your household or not, many in the consumer market know the importance of providing your furry friend with quality products. From food and treat items to grooming and health supplements, flexible packaging has paved its way into the pet industry. Quality packaging for pet products is just as important as packaging for products used by humans. Your pet enjoys fresh, quality food that hasn’t spoiled. Flexible packaging gives pet care manufacturers the versatility and flexibility to package each product in a way the consumer market can rely on. Gone are the days of only purchasing in bulk as flexible packaging allows manufacturers to package in bulk-size and single-use varieties.

  • Brand fluidity across product type
  • Resealable and tamper-resistant features
  • Single-use and bulk purchasing

Maximize Your Product Sales With Flexible Packaging

Optimizing your product packaging to better cater to the consumer market is one of the recommended steps to maximize your product sales. Various industries have found success in flexible packaging, from health and beauty to organics and supplements. Today’s consumer market is drawn to convenience and products that promote quality. By transitioning your product packaging, you’ll not only gain more traction in your industry but leave a good first impression for potential buyers. Explore the numerous benefits of flexible packaging today.