7 Health and Beauty Brands That Use Flexible Packaging

12 August 2021

It's clear that these packages have taken the consumer world by storm, and they are undoubtedly here to stay. Flexible packaging offers many benefits for beauty and wellness products, including extended product shelf life, easy transportation, and intelligent design techniques. 

Flexible packaging has moved into the mainstream for consumer goods. Several sectors of commerce rely on flexible packaging design, such as:

  • Food and beverage 
  • Beauty and wellness
  • Sporting goods
  • And more

The most prominent flexible packaging material is a roll stock film used to create lay-flat and stand-up pouches. Custom-made lay-flat pouches are space-efficient and offer easy storage for a variety of goods. These flexible packages also allow brands to customize the design with their graphics, logos, and promotions. 

Different Beauty Brands That Use Flexible Packaging 

Flexible packaging has begun to change the way companies package their goods, which is especially prominent in the health and beauty market. We've compiled a list of health and beauty brands using flexible packaging to inspire your next packaging design.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some brands utilizing flexible packaging design.

1. L'Oreal

L'Oreal is the world's largest beauty brand, with branches located in Paris and New York. The company has a vast amount of beauty products ranging from makeup to hair care. In recent years, the company has transitioned to using more sustainable packaging to minimize the use of fossil fuels during production. The result included L'Oreal relying heavily on flexible packaging for its cosmetic products. 

This shift made waves throughout L'Oreal's product lines, with the most prominent being the packaging used for shampoo bottles. L’Oreal’s shampoo bottles are now plastic bottles with shrink labels, a standard packaging method for cosmetic products. In addition, the company is using its influence to set the standard for beauty product packaging around the world. 

2. Gillette

Gillette is one of the most recognizable gender-neutral cosmetic brands. The company's branding can be seen anywhere from television commercials to the NFL, with the New England Patriots' stadium being named Gillette Stadium. Since the company is a massive producer of health and wellness products, it also has a high corporate responsibility. 

This mindset has propelled the company to unveil a new line of recycled material-based beauty products. The "Planet KIND" takes cosmetic packaging to the next level. Rather than following their heavy plastic packaging of the past, Gillette is now using recycled materials to make new soap bottles and shaving cream lay-flat pouches, among other eco-friendly products. 

3. Kylie Skin by Kylie Jenner

Kylie Skin is the skincare line from the Kylie Cosmetics beauty empire, started by celebrity influencer Kylie Jenner. Products range from foaming face wash to coconut body lotion and even makeup removing wipes. 

Kylie Skin wipes come in flexible packaging that keeps the wipes fresh and allows for easy transportation for on-the-go lifestyles. The massive market share and influence that Kylie Jenner has in the beauty industry cannot be understated, making her company's choice to use cosmetic flexible packaging design much more significant. 

4. Public Goods

Public Goods is a growing brand with a stake in many markets such as groceries, home goods, and beauty products. The company's mission is to tread lightly on the environment, make affordable, accessible products, and maintain a minimalist aesthetic. Devotion to the company’s mission is portrayed throughout its product line, specifically in cosmetic packaging. 

The Public Goods lotion refill service encapsulates the benefits of flexible packaging while maintaining a minimalist style. The 34oz pouch contains essential oils sealed to preserve freshness and is meant to be repetitively reused.

5. Roman

Roman is a growing force in the men's health and beauty market. Roman covers a wide range of health services for men, including products that benefit sexual health, skincare, and vitamin-based supplements. 

For the majority of its men's health products, Roman uses lay-flat pouches for packaging. These pouches are a staple of the business as they keep the products fresh while also showcasing a sleek design featuring the Roman logo. 

6. Korres

Korres is a Greece-based beauty company that offers a variety of health and beauty products. The company prides itself on providing clean, natural ingredients and protecting consumers' skin and the planet. With such a firm reliance on the natural world, it only made sense for Korres to utilize the advantages of flexible packaging. 

One of the company's best-selling items, the Mediterranean Skin Recipe, is a prime example of a beauty brand using flexible packaging. The practical, rich recipe for this product includes:

  • Greek Yogurt
  • Wild Rose
  • Vitamin C 

Flexible packaging preserves the freshness of these key ingredients, so the consumer receives the best possible product every time.

7. L’Occitane

In a move to meet the demands of eco-conscious consumers, L’Occitane added refillable pouches for beloved products. This approach has flexible packaging that also incorporates PET plastic, a more environmentally-friendly option.  

By upgrading to flexible packaging design, companies are appealing to consumers and staying on top of global market desires. There is no way around it: flexible packaging designs are the cost-effective and eco-conscious future of consumer goods.

Beauty Benefits From Flexible Packaging

Several different health and beauty brands are making the switch to flexible packaging for their products for many reasons. First, flexible packaging allows designers to elevate a company's brand with eye-catching details to attract consumers. Second, it’s easier to transport goods from manufacturers to consumers

Third, many beauty products already consist of smaller items that easily fit inside lay-flat and stand-up pushes, including: 

  • Gels
  • Creams
  • Powders
  • Perfumes
  • Lotions
  • Oils

Additionally, using flexible packaging for beauty products is often more sustainable and leaves a smaller carbon footprint than traditional packaging methods. Finally, this packaging continues to have an advantage over more conventional packaging methods as it seals and helps preserve the freshness of today’s beauty products for ultimate consumer satisfaction. 

Upgrade Your Beauty Products With Flexible Package Design

Using flexible packaging design makes a significant difference in how your company executes its branding tactics. When you combine preservation techniques, intelligent design, and easy-to-use packages, you’ll create products that customers love to use.

If you’re ready to get started, we offer sample packs, custom-designed options, and so much more. Don’t forget to ask about our quick turnaround times to ensure no lag in production.

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