Popular Cosmetic Packaging Trends You'll Find Inspiring

06 October 2021

It takes more than some bright graphics to gain and keep consumer attention these days. As buyers continue to demand greater brand transparency and value, cosmetic packaging needs to shift focus to appeal to a larger audience. Many brands are chomping at the bit to take advantage of the newest creative packaging trends to overcome the competition.

Attractive cosmetic packaging is just as essential as your products because it catches the attention of your target audience and creates a lasting impression.

There are so many new cosmetic marketing trends to spark your brand’s interest, from refillable flexible packaging to seducing the senses. Take advantage of these popular cosmetic packaging trends to pique consumer interest in your product. Read on to see the latest marketing trends to get inspired.

1. Eco-Friendly Packaging

This is a trend that has no end in sight. That’s because there has been an ever-increasing awareness of the negative impact packaging has on the environment. More sustainable packaging and companies that stand by it are on the rise. Consumers are looking for companies with a heart and a willingness to invest in eco-conscious packaging. Make a transition toward better plastics, cardboard, glass, and metal. In addition to their sustainable properties, they have even more advantages, such as:

  • Customizable
  • Versatile
  • Economical
  • Lightweight

Smarter Design With Fewer Materials

One way to be environmentally friendly is to use more intelligent packaging that requires fewer materials. Flat lay pouches are a great way to minimize packaging waste without compromising style and structure. They also are easier to pack and ship without taking up as much space.

2. Sensory Experiences

Creating a new consumer shopping experience is the goal of sensory packaging. Recent trends include inviting consumers to connect through sight, smell, and touch. This is especially common through eCommerce shopping since most people miss out on the personalization of making purchases in the store. As a result, companies are creating sensory experiences for consumers that leave a lasting first impression.

Companies can capitalize on this experience by using interesting materials like cardboard, cork, or metal, and appealing to taste or smell through candy or perfume. These sensory-heavy experiences set companies apart from their competitors.

Even major labels like Nike are creating “signature scents” so that in-store shoppers can associate the shopping experience with their brand.

Seduce Through Small Details

On top of creating a signature scent, you can add innovative details, such as:

  • Brand-specific stickers
  • Scented labels
  • Artistic illustrations

These small details add to the shopping experience and set your product apart from the rest.

3. Packaging for Social Impact

An excellent example of a company making a great social impact is Fenty Beauty. This cosmetic company uses inclusive marketing to promote confidence in a nonaggressive way. Not only does this beauty line include forty base shades for every skin type, but it also uses transparent packaging to help consumers quickly identify which shade they need.

Add Personalization

Consumers crave thoughtful details that connect to them in a near personalized way. Create a package that tells a story as customers unbox. Add a personalized note of your company’s mission or a simple thank you note. All these details allow consumers to connect with your company beyond your products and establish brand loyalty.

4. Designed With Future Generations in Mind

New cosmetic packaging designs must be easy to transport and use. Since many Millennials, and now Gen Z, are constantly on the go, it’s beneficial to create products that can seamlessly transition from a cosmetic bag to your medicine cabinet. This is done through compact designs that cater to a simplistic, clean carry-out experience.

Multi-Faceted Marketing

Products with neatly structured layouts and simple lettering create a visually appealing aesthetic that looks good on a nightstand or in a stylish Instagram post. Although a bold, striking design can work, it still needs to be accompanied by an added bonus, such as environmentally-friendly products or a connection with a great cause.

5. Refillable Product Possibilities

While sustainability has commercially been on the rise over the past decade, the practice itself is far older. Think of the quintessential scene of a milkman refilling glass pints back in the 1950s. With the introduction of plastic, the ways in which we use products has drastically changed. Today, single-use plastic products are littered throughout every restaurant, home, and business. As more and more consumers desire more sustainable alternatives, companies have tried to find practical solutions.

From bulk soaps, household cleaning products, and even cosmetics, businesses are trying to win customers over with the ability to reduce their carbon footprint with refillable packaging. Even though it may reduce the overall amount of product they purchase since they won’t need to buy new bottles continuously, this isn’t a bad thing. Instead, it will create a way for them to continue purchasing product refills through the same brand repeatedly, effectively creating more sales.

Flexible Packaging

The biggest game-changer for refillable cosmetic brands has been the introduction of flexible packaging. Pouches reduce the amount of packaging used, which eliminates tons of plastic being added to the environment. They even have wonderful benefits for the products themselves, such as:

  • Superior barrier protection
  • Fewer emissions produced compared to traditional printing
  • Locks out moisture, bacteria, sunlight, and oxygen
  • Customizable for every brand
  • Easy to use
  • Extended shelf-life
  • Environmentally friendly

Click here to learn more about flexible packaging benefits.

Dive into Inspiring New Cosmetic Packaging Trends

Whether you’re looking for a simplistic design or easy-to-use containers, there are so many new popular cosmetic packaging trends you’ll find inspiring for your business. Create captivating consumer experiences that will not only wow buyers but also gain brand recognition and loyalty.

At The Packaging Lab, we understand how daunting it can be to choose the best custom packaging for your business. This is why we want to help simplify your life. Try out a sample pack to see how beautiful and effective this custom packaging choice is.