What Is Pouch Packaging and What Type of Products Is it Ideal for?

24 April 2023

If you’re looking up the ideal packaging type for your brand, you may wonder, “What is pouch packaging?” Pouch packaging is an excellent choice for many industries, from pet food companies to candy makers. Along with protecting your products, pouches look aesthetically pleasing and come with many customization options. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at what pouch packaging is and whether it’s ideal for your brand. 

What Is Pouch Packaging? 

Pouch packages, sometimes called bags, come in two variants. One is called a stand-up pouch. It has a bottom gusset, allowing it to stand up on its own. The other type is called a lay-flat pouch. These have no gusset and are just flat. 

Pouch packaging is excellent for branding since you can print a custom-branded design. You can also print necessary information like bar codes and nutritional facts. 

What Customization Options Are Available for Pouch Packaging?

At The Packaging Lab, we have many different customization options available for pouch packaging. From the materials to the size to the turnaround times, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible. Here’s what you’ll be able to customize when you order pouch packaging from us: 

  • Material: We have three different film options for pouch packaging: white, clear, and metallic. Our white and clear films are made of ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH), and our metallic film is made of metalized polyester. Both types are food-safe and high-barrier. 
  • Finish: Whether you want a glossy finish that glints in the light or a clean matte look, we offer both finishes at The Packaging Lab. 
  • Quantity: We have no minimum orders at The Packaging Lab, so you can order as many or as few as you need. Order one or order 10,000 — we’re here to deliver. 
  • Zipper (optional): If you add zippers to your pouches, they’ll be reusable. Non-zipper pouches are typically best for single-serve items, like a serving of trail mix. 
  • Hang hole (optional): Hang holes change the display options for your products, allowing them to be hung up rather than sitting on the shelf. They may not be necessary in all cases, like if you have multiple lay-flat pouches stored in a box. 
  • Production days:  We have a 1-5 day turnaround time for pouches. So long as there are no design changes or other modifications, we’ll have your products shipped out by the time you’ve chosen. 
  • Size: We offer many size options for your convenience. Our lay-flat pouches have eight sizes (3.25x4.5 through 7x12 inches), while our stand-up pouches have 12 (3.25x4.75x2.0 through 12.0x12.5x3.5 inches). 

If you aren’t sure what sizes or design options you may prefer, we offer free sample packs that let you see our pouch packaging firsthand. 

What Is Pouch Packaging Ideal for Product-Wise?

Now that you know what pouch packaging is, you may wonder, “What is pouch packaging useful for?” Virtually anything that you need to sell your customers can go in pouch packaging. We serve customers from a wide range of markets and industries. Below are a few products that would benefit from pouch packaging. Keep in mind that this list is far from exhaustive. 

Pet Food 

Dry pet food goes well in pouch packaging. The protective packaging prevents moisture and mold growth, keeping your customer’s pets from getting sick. 

Dried Fruit and Nuts 

Dried fruit, nut mixes, trail mixes, and other food products like these benefit from pouch packaging. The packaging keeps the food fresh for your customers to enjoy. 

Nutritional and Dietary Supplements 

Pouch packaging is great for nutritional and dietary supplements such as protein powder, collagen, fiber supplements, and so on. Since our packaging is food-safe, you won’t have to worry about chemicals leaking in and having negative effects on the taste, odor, color, or edibility of the product.