What Qualities Should Businesses Look for When Choosing a Stand-Up Pouch Manufacturer?

18 June 2023

Finding the right stand-up pouch manufacturer can feel like a daunting task. There are many out there, but which qualities should you look for to narrow down the list? As a pouch manufacturer ourselves, we’ve come up with a list of criteria you should be looking for when making your choice. 

Does the Stand-Up Pouch Manufacturer Let You Order What You Need? 

Rather than imposing minimum quantities, a stand-up pouch manufacturer should let you order as many pouches as you need. Lower quantities are best for small businesses, startups, or test marketing campaigns. You generally don’t need 5,000 standup pouches if you’re just starting out. You could find the money spent on buying packaging in bulk is better spent on marketing campaigns.

At The Packaging Lab, we allow you to order the exact quantity you need, whether you want one pouch or 10,000. You can even change the quantity at checkout if you need a highly specific amount. 

Do They Have Helpful Staff Members? 

As with any business, high-quality service is the hallmark of a good stand-up pouch manufacturer. They should always be there to answer any questions you need, as well as be helpful by providing a variety of services. 

We offer both phone and email support. We also offer a Design for Me service. If you’re unsure where to begin with your package’s design, our on-staff design team will create three professional-looking ones for you to choose from. 

Can They Produce Stand-Up Pouches Efficiently? 

The longer it takes to get your packaging, the longer you have to wait to send your products off to store shelves or direct-to-customer. As such, the stand-up pouch manufacturer you choose should be efficient without ever sacrificing quality. At The Packaging Lab, we have turnaround times between 1-5 business days, depending on your choice at checkout. If you need your packaging shipped off within 24 hours, we can do it for you. 

Do They Have High-Quality Products? 

If you’re paying a manufacturer, you should expect the print quality to be excellent. Blurry graphics or difficult-to-read labels are not only frustrating for customers, it can also reflect poorly on your brand’s professionalism. 

Besides that, you should look for a manufacturer that offers high-quality packaging. It should be a high-barrier to protect your products from the elements. Bacteria, mold, and other health hazards can thrive in permeable packaging. It should also be food-safe. Some materials like BPA plastics can contaminate the products inside your stand-up pouches. 

Do They Have Customizable Products?

Along with being able to order exactly how many packages you need, you should also be able to order what you need. If you need a resealable stand-up pouch for a bulk bag of trail mix, then the manufacturer should give you that option. On the flip side, they shouldn’t make you buy zipper bags when selling a single-serve product. 

The company should also give you options for: 

  • Sizing: You should have plenty of sizes to choose from for stand-up pouches. The more sizes they have, the more likely you’ll find one that’s perfect for your product. 
  • Finishes: When customers are comparing options on store shelves, aesthetics matter. The type of finish you choose can change the aesthetics rather drastically. Matte finishes tend to have a clean, luxurious look, while glossy finishes can stand out because they glint in the light. 
  • Materials: You should also be able to choose from different film materials for stand-up pouches. All the materials should be of equal quality so you can make a decision based on aesthetics rather than which one is worth your money at all. 

Need a Customer-Centric Stand-Up Pouch Manufacturer? Contact Us Today

At The Packaging Lab, we seek to fit all of the qualities above for the sake of our customers. We don’t want finding the right stand-up pouches to be a frustrating task. Far from it, our high-quality and customizable products, efficient production, and helpful staff ensure that the process goes smoothly time and time again. If you want to learn more about our values as a stand-up pouch manufacturer, contact us today