Flexible Packaging Helps the Pet Food Industry Grow

21 November 2019

Pouches created by The Packaging Lab

Over the past decade, there are a greater number of households with pets that are paying more attention to the quality and variety of food and treats offered for their furry, feathered, and scaly family members. Gone are the days when consumers were satisfied with heavy cans and basic bags with simple labels. Today’s pet owners appreciate smaller startup brands who are bringing new products with high-quality ingredients in packaging with a premium look and feel.

Reaching New Customers with New Options

In addition to the increase in the number of pets, there has also been an increase in the variety of choices of pet food and treats available to consumers. Parents are wanting the same quality for their animals as they have for their human family members which means greater scrutiny for the ingredients that go into the bowl. Custom-printed, flexible packaging offer competitive advantage over traditional packaging and allows smaller pet food and treat producers to bring innovative products to market.

Advantages of Pouches for Pet Packaging

Even though modern pet owners are busier than ever before, they still want to enjoy as much time as possible with their animals. Flexible packaging lets you offer multiple sizes of each product that can fit in a pantry or a backpack to bring on walks or trips. With the addition of a zipper, pet parents can keep their dog treats as yummy as possible. Consumers are also increasingly more environmentally conscious and lighter, flexible packaging material can be an eco-friendly choice because it requires less packaging. Additionally, dogs and cats have a much greater sense of smell than humans and flexible bags create a resealable barrier that can help keep the food and treats inside fresher and help prevent external odors from being absorbed into it.

Packaging Appeal for Pet Owners

Although the product inside is for the pets, the packaging needs to appeal to their owners. That’s why it’s important to ensure your flexible pouches are visually attractive – to make your brand stand out on the shelf – as well as inform – giving consumers what they need to confidently head to the checkout with your product in their basket.

Take a look at our many options for custom-printed, flexible pouch bags for your pet food and treats and see how you can make your products stand out in the marketplace.