Why Flexible Packaging is Right For Your Products

13 January 2020

Packaging can either be a world of opportunities or a tiresome problem for a business. Today, there seems to be an endless array of products hitting the marketplace, and every day it seems like your niche is growing larger and larger.

Manufacturers everywhere are struggling to find packaging solutions that help their products stand out amongst the crowd, especially with products that are similar to theirs. Finding an option that both separates you from the competition and looks great can be a headache, but there is a solution.

Standup flexible packaging offers an innovative yet simple answer. For industries that require strong and durable packaging that protects products from potential contamination — stand up pouches are a great option. Transportation and even storage present hurdles for many different types of packaging solutions. Flexible options like packaging pouches give manufacturers tremendous freedom with design choices and various features they can customize for their products.

What are the Advantages of Flexible Packaging Solutions

There are a ton of great benefits that flexible packaging can bring to your products and company as a whole.


Yes, we know that most packaging options are customizable — but pouches give your brand far more freedom than conventional packaging. With various shapes and sizes to choose from, manufacturers can take some creative liberties when selecting flexible packaging for their products.


Many products require a package that is resealable so that customers can enjoy them for longer. Food, beauty, sports supplements, coffee, tea, and more all benefit from packaging solutions that can be conveniently closed and reopened without compromising the product. Flexible pouches allow for resealable seals, spouts, and even zip locks, which are perfect for certain products — especially perishable ones. These features are not only user-friendly but can sway customers into purchasing due to their convenience.

High-Grade Materials

Flexible pouches and packaging are made from tough materials that are FDA approved. This technology keeps certain food items safe and free from contaminants. Retailers and manufacturers can see immense benefits from packaging solutions that increase shelf life.

Design Freedom

While we can't speak for the competition, at The Packaging Lab, we give our customers complete freedom with their design choices. Your packaging solution can be a canvas that you can use to showcase your brand. Flexible packaging gives your logo a place to shine with clear and customizable printing options. We even include graphic design guides so that you can create your perfect packaging solution without worrying about dimensions or specificities.

Cost Reductions

Perhaps the most significant benefit of flexible packaging is the production cost reductions they create. More and more companies are seeing their costs dwindle as they minimize the amount of material they need for packaging along with creating fuller inventories with flexible packaging solutions. Packaging pouches and films are also lighter, which can reduce shipping costs. These packaging solutions are easier to control costs with as well because varying width and thickness options are typically available from your packaging company. Packaging specialists can help determine which solution works best for your packaging line and shipping costs to get the best bang for your buck.

Is Your Industry a Fit For Flexible Packaging?

There are obvious choices that come to mind when considering flexible packaging solutions. While you may not want to ship a bicycle in a packaging pouch, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other products that are a perfect fit for flexible packaging.


From salt and pepper to basil and cinnamon — various food ingredients are a perfect fit for flexible packaging solutions. Even baby food can be safely stored and reused with a packaging pouch!


Flexible packaging pouches are ideal for snacks and goodies on the go. With resealable capabilities, customers can enjoy their treats without having to worry about throwing away their snacks after opening the bag.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea need to be fresh and ready for use at all times. Packaging pouches are ideal for coffee and tea producers everywhere, as their customers can enjoy a fresh brew time and time again.

Granolas, Cereals, and More

The world is becoming increasingly health-conscious, and food manufacturers are seeing the benefits of providing healthy grains and cereals their customers can enjoy. With this newfound appreciation for wholesome food options is an opportunity for new packaging solutions.

Sports, Fitness, and Supplements

Following health conscious-trends, more and more consumers are discovering the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. That means not only are their diets changing, but they are also purchasing health supplements like protein powders and other fitness-related products. Flexible packaging is the best way to showcase your brand and goods.

Pet Food

Another seemingly perfect fit for a flexible packaging solution is the pet food industry. Dog and cat food needs to be fresh and ready for use when a pet needs it most, and resealable packaging pouches are a great way to house these products.

Finding the Right Flexible Packaging Option

From standup pouches to packaging film — the wide array of freedom manufacturers and producers can find with flexible packaging are vast. If you're looking for a great way to showcase your product on a shelf, standup packaging is an obvious choice. Hang holes can also be included for hanging up the pouches while on display.

Lay flat pouches give thinner products a home too. These are great for stackable products and can also be hung up with a hang hole.

Packaging film is a popular choice for many consumer products like pasta and other types of food. With incredible strength and durability, these metalized and safe packaging solutions keep certain products fresh and safe from contaminants.

Whatever you decide, you'll find a great variety of benefits by choosing a flexible packaging design. From cost-effectiveness and sustainability to creative freedom and customer experience — your product can truly shine with flexible packaging solutions.

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