9 Products That Look Better in a Package Pouch

25 February 2020

Over the years, we've seen a tremendous upswing in packaging innovations and incredible leaps in design. There are both logistical and aesthetic concerns when it comes to packaging design, and manufacturers are constantly seeking new and exciting ways to optimize their products while helping them stand out.

Packaging pouches, or other flexible packaging solutions, are ideal candidates for a wide range of products. Certain merchandise is a perfect fit for flexible packaging due to the many benefits and features that make packaging pouches unique. And some products simply look better when displayed in flexible packaging solutions.

Before we dive into some of the specific goods that deserve a flexible home — let's explore the benefits of packaging pouches.

Some Pros of Flexible Packaging for Your Products

There are several advantages that flexible packaging solutions have that your company can benefit from with your products. One of the biggest benefactors is cutting costs with limited packaging materials. Materials cost money, and packaging pouches utilize a very minimal amount of substance for maximum efficiency.

But what are some of the other positives associated with flexible packaging pouches?

Reusable design is inherent with many flexible packaging systems, and for many products, this can make a significant impact. Resealable pouches bring additional life to products that may go bad if left to the elements. Zip locks, resealable seals, and spouts can all be added to flexible packaging for ease, convenience, and longevity.

Customizable freedom can be another motivator that some brands find with flexible packing. Not only are there various shapes and sizes, but they are also incredibly easy to design themselves. Lots of printing liberties can be taken so that your brand can highlight what matters most. There are even graphic design guides and tools that you can use to get the most out of your packaging pouch.

FDA approved materials make flexible packaging ideal for food items and other perishable goods that require a proper defense against contamination and spoilage. Tough and sealable pouches are great for increasing shelf life and maintaining freshness so that consumers can enjoy their products for longer, and safely.

Products That Look Better in a Pouch

1. Coffee Grounds and Beans

When you're perusing for your favorite coffee products, it's no surprise when you pick up a packaging pouch. There's a good reason for that. It's almost as if this type of packaging was made for coffee beans or coffee grounds because they look and feel perfect in the flexible design.

Whether you're picking up a boutique flavor from an obscure roaster supply store or grabbing your favorite beans from a premier chain like Starbucks or Caribou — you'll likely run into flexible packaging designs.

2. Granola

There's no better way to enjoy granola than dipping your hand in a packaging pouch and scooping out a handful of your favorite bites. The resealable capabilities of flexible packaging pouches make them perfect for granola and other types of breakfast cereals. Packaging pouches are water-proof, which means consumers can take their granola on the go as well.

Oh, and did we mention that granola looks great in flexible packaging? Transparent areas on the packaging mean that you can also display your tasty bits for more mouth-watering goodness.

3. Candy & Sweets

While granola may be a healthy snack, sometimes we all need to indulge our sweet tooth. The customizable and diverse design options that packaging pouches have allows for bright and fun looks that make for a delightful sweets experience. Holiday snacks and even seasonal candies can also make a splash with simple, and easy to design flexible packaging options that customers love.

4. Beauty Products

Beauty product manufacturers are always trying new ways to edge out the competition, and packaging design is one of the best routes available. Flexible packaging options offer so many benefits, not only for convenience and reusability, but also to illustrate the quality of the contents inside.

Beauty products are continuously coming out with new lines, seasonal trends, and influencer adaptations — which means there needs to be a diverse beauty packaging solution at their disposal. Flexible packaging has a quick turnaround, making it ideal for companies looking to take advantage of a market fast.

5. Supplement Powder

The sports industry is massive, and there's something about the competitive nature of athletics that brings out the same competitive spirit in the companies that are involved. Athletes are constantly looking for ways to train and gain the edge on their opponents, and products like protein powder, creatine, or other supplements are a rapidly growing market with no signs of stopping.

Many athletes take their supplements with them, which means bulky containers can be a big turnoff. Flexible packaging pouches for supplements make them easy to stow away in a backpack or gym bag so they can be easily stored.

6. Healthy & Organic Foods

No packaging solution fits the health-craze that is 2020 better than packaging pouches. Consumers that look for healthy alternatives also have their feet strongly rooted in sustainability, which makes flexible packaging solutions even more attractive. The reduced footprint that these reusable and minimal packaging products have is incredible, and those that love organic and healthy goods will rest-easy knowing that they aren't contributing to the waste problem.

Also, compared to plastic tubs or traditional box packaging, flexible packaging pouches really highlight the organic nature of a product — making them perfect for your healthy and organic foods.

7. Jerky

Have you ever seen jerky in anything but a flexible packaging option? The answer is probably no. These FDA approved and resealable packaging solutions help keep dried meats fresh and ready to chomp down on. The compact design also means they're easy to pack away — which is perfect for jerky, which is usually enjoyed on road trips, fishing trips, or other travel excursions.

8. Pet Foods

Whether a pet needs a much-deserved treat or their daily dose of nutrients, packaging pouches offer a diverse lineup of ways to house pet foods. Just like with good old human food, you want your pet's meals to be fresh and free of contaminants that could lead to unwanted illnesses. Well, packaging pouches not only keep pet food safe but also look great.

When you're constantly opening and closing your pet's food, it's important that the packaging has a way to reseal — and packaging pouches are a perfect candidate.

9. Tea

Sticking with the theme of health and wellness, tea also looks much better in a packaging pouch than a boring box. Artisans and maybe even the occasional hipster love a good packaging design, and there's no better way to display your tea than with a flexible packaging pouch. The high-quality materials and fresh seal capabilities will keep your tea fresh and free from moisture or too much light.

Overall, we think everyone can agree that tea is better when it comes in a flexible packaging pouch.

Give Your Products the Packaging They Deserve

Your products deserve the right home, and sometimes, they're the perfect fit for a flexible packaging pouch. Established brands or those looking to make a name for themselves can all benefit from finding a packaging solution that makes their product stand out and look better.

Finding the right custom packaging partner to help with your design needs and quick turnarounds can be tough, but here at The Packaging Lab, we've helped countless companies just like you reach their goals. Don't settle; give your products the best packaging possible.

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